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@durakken: I don't see it. I think it was his love for his parents what motivated Dick to create Robin, and a impulse to protect others what keep him moving. Everyone looks for justice in their on way, even Jason but his "he deservet" is basicaly rage, righteous anger is still rage.

You can't say that since Jason anger was motivated by compassion than compassion is his motivation but at the same time it doesn't matter what motivated Dick's need for justice.

Yes the rings select by driving force and no one in the batfamily is moved by selfishness.

Also Orange is greed/avarice not selfishness.

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@durakken said:

v.v Some of you people... v.v

Bruce Wayne = Any Lantern

Dick Grayson = Orange... His primary motivation is always about himself and what he wants. He's Robin because he wants revenge, he's Nightwing because he wants out of the shadow of Batman, etc. He's selfish, pretty much through and through.

Jason Todd = All about Compassion mixed with Love. The reason he kills pushes the guy off a balcony is robin is cuz he deeply empathized with his victim. The reason he was/is mad at Bruce was due to expecting Bruce to do more to avenge him.

v.v you...v.v So, Jason wanting Bruce to avenge him is a mix of love and compassion but Dick looking for justice for his parents is selfish? Do you see the contradiction there?

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Barbara and Sonia maybe.

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The new 52 has been brutal to Nightwing, they are take or annul some great aspects of the chacrater, and now Didio wants to use him as a sacrifice to give his event meaning.

He is not going to die, but there are worse things than death in comics. Is not going to be good, probably is going to be humiliantly (this is the same editorial that killed him with a rock), and a fauliere for him that is going to be dragging him down long after this story-line is over.

Nightwing was just getting his feets under him again after the last crossover, he was light and fun, but I guess that is not allowed in the new 52.

But the really dumb part is that he is not conected to anyone in this new universe, so why would anyone besides Batman and Batgirl care?

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@acolombia: I think you are going to be very disappointed when they finally see each other. Dick is a foil for Roy and Kori’s relationship and a difficulty. I think the only interaction that Roy and Dick may have, will be a couple of panels so Dick can tell Roy, how good he is for her and that he makes her so happy.

Didn’t Kori actually said that Roy was very special and that she never felt like that before? It doesn't sound like she ever loved Dick. And Dick may not have been with Barbara be he is close to her, it's not necessary read between the lines or interpret anythinging to see he cares for her and trust her. He even told her he loves her, right after she kicked his ass.

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@nathaniel_christopher: @acolombia: That's my point. It's canon that Kori and Jason have lied before, therefore they are unreliable sources. It doesn't matter if she thinks they spent time together, she doesn't remember, then she doesn't know.

I'm not sure where are you getting that they were ever in love, I remember an issue where Nightwing was thinking about the people he loves, he thinks of Raya and Barbara, not Kori, and he doesn't have a selective memory but he doesn't think about her and she really doesn't remember him. The memories can't be good if she decided forget it and he never looked back.

And any "friendship" "camaraderie" whatever Roy and Dick had was so insignificant that Roy didn't think twice before having something with Starfire. Roy doesn't talk about Dick as a friend or as someone that had importance, most times he is dismissive of Dick. (Grayson, her ex). I don't keep in contact with every friend I ever had but when I see someone that knows them I ask about them, Roy doesn't do that, neither does Dick, so why would anyone believe they care.

I just don't see Dick being close to any outlaw, he knew them, he interacted with them but it seems like some trivial relationships.

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In the new 52 compressed timeline it doesn’t ad up. Dick was Robin for like a year Jason was Robin for another year, that is two years in the 5 years timeline. Oliver took the Green lantern after he saw the justice league that first year so Roy came to the picture after that. If by the time Jason was Robin, Roy was already claming he didn’t have friends, that gives you a time window of a few months for Dick and Roy meet, be friendly and stop talking. I have no idea why Dick would say they were friend of he did say it, after all Jason also said he was “with” Kori.

The window for Dick and Kory, friendship/relationship is even shorter. I'm sure they all were friendly, I'm sure they cared enough, and I'm sure Dick still cares, just like he cares for everybody. I don't think they were ever close, at all and I don't think the were friends or they would still be in some kind of contact and knew about each other. They don't.

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What we've seen is Roy already claiming that he didn't have friends while Jason was Robin, when did him and Dick have time to be friends? They may have know each other for month, maybe. And the dude calls Dick “Grayson” and “Kori’s ex” and has made a point to repeat over and over that Jason and Kori are IT for him, I’m not sure how people see a friendship between Roy and Dick. And we have seen Kori and Dick fighting against each other, it doesn't matter what she said because she lies a lot, for not reason, or she desn't remember or she doesn't remembers and lies.

I haven't see anything that makes me believe that Dick has good memories of Kori or Roy. Apart of avoid both of them, Dick hasn't thought of them in 21 issues. I'm sure he cares, I mean, Raya put a trap for him, betrayed him and tried to kill him and that didn't stop Dick of caring for her, so he probably cares for Roy and Kori (and Jason). That doesn't means he wants to be around them nor that he think of them as friends.

It just anoys what the new 52 did to these friendships, Roy and Dick's specially . Did they need to kill it to do something new? Fine, but why keep the corpse to play with it. And every time they get these characters together it gets worse.

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@billy_batson: I wonder what would have happened if they had put a team like this behind one of those titles. Don't get me wrong,, a bunch of those teams were great, but but they didn't have the pull these kind of names have.