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@youknowwhattodo: I took it like they were both, Dick and Barbara, mocking each other. "Oh Dick I'm so much more smarter than you and what you need is a femael version of Batman" "Sure Barbara, and we may need a rope to jump this tiny little gap"

Nevermind, that it was almost the same speech that Barbara gave Dick when she learned about Helena in the old continuity

I'm very against this spy thing, but this was a great issue. Just great.

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They had already gave a reason for Bruce and Dick distancing I don't know why They had to make a soap opera.I hate what they are doing with the Phantasm, I hoped Andrea was happy somewhere

It makes me kind of relieved that Higgins no longer writes Nightwing

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@nathaniel_christopher: Wait. Tim called Dick his friend, because I missed it. and the new 52 never showed anything like that, they never worked together. At most they were standing in the same room at the same time. Sure he can go to the funeral, what he can't do is go and yell at Bruce like Dick's loss is something personal for him. It isn't. The same thing goes for the outlaws.

The outlaws have made a point in pretend Dick doesn't exist, over and over again erasing any relationship with him and now making a big show. It's nothing but an spectacle while people that did love love and are going to miss him, only get a panel far from him.

I almost sure that Dick's death isn't going to be mentioned is any of this characters books, because in the new 52 they don't care. Why should Nightwing last book pretend they do? When Dcik hear that Jason was dead in the Teen Titans he cried for him, do you think Jason would do anything at all in his book? He didn't seem to care fore Damian's death all that much

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I never mentioned Barbara, you did. They were close friends that's why she cryed for him in her book.

You really think "Jason is the closest thing he has to a brother" is any better. Still shows that for Tim Dick isn't his brother, and the new 52 only has show a very shallow relationship.

And when Roy and Kory spent 3 years dismissing Dick is very irrelevant what relationship they may have had. If tt was done for them then is done, you can cry for something you already count as lost.

If the JL is there to support bruce is even more ridiculous when they all know Dick isn't dead

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@nathaniel_christopher: So no one conversation? That's just sad.

Roy and Starfire have both said Jason you are my only friend" Roy in particular said it at least once every other issue. They they show at the funeral and cry over him and hug each other while they have spent 3 years denying any relationship with him. Starfire going has far as saying she doesn't remember him. They have no business being there.

Now Tim and Dick have been in the same room a couple of times ans worked together but when Tim himself says "Jason is the only I have come close to be a brother to me" or something like that, you have to believe him. Tim has no reason to fight with Bruce who as far has Tim knows really lost someone he loves

The Justice League is just absurd.

The people that should have been there are Sonia and Dick's roomies and the circus Barbara and Gordon.... Basically the people that showed mourning from afar.

Maybe they drop the issue because was too much of a farce.

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@denam_pavel said:

@nathaniel_christopher said:

Got it.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

All I can say is "Are you kidding me DC?" Dick's relationship with Barbara, Kori, Roy, Tim, the JLA; you choose to cut these things out and instead merely give us him and Bruce beating each other up and wrecking the Batcave? SMH even when trying to do something new they keep repeating the same old mistakes. When a character "dies" the reactions and memories of those close to him are exactly what you should be showing, especially when you need to expand on his past anyways. Very, very disappointed to see all of these were cut.

Half the people burying him have never exchanged a single line of dialogue with him tho. It's been over three years, if they wanted to showcase these people caring about Dick, they've could've done so by now.

That's really on in terms of the JLA, who aren't the most important members here. Kori, Roy, Tim, and Barbara all have, and just like in the old continuity they're still his friends and allies; just as much his family as Bruce.

I agree they could have done so by now, however that really has nothing to do with them doing so down the line, especially when we're talking about a character dying. That's a moment, more than most others, where we should be seeing other characters reflecting on the death of someone they knew.

These pages are better than Bruce lecturing and testing Dick again.

That's not true. Tim doesn't think in Dick like a brother, Kori doesn't remember him, (except when she does, but not really, or whatever it is this week) Roy's ONLY friend is Jason. So sure he may have talked with them at some point, and I dare you to find a panel of any of them actually talking with Dick, but they are not even close to family.

The pages of Bruce lecturing and testing Dick again, may not be very good or pretty or new but they are honest

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@lvenger: That is how much the new 52 has harm the character. He is better dead.

They took every feature and distributed among other characters, Higgins did what he could but he completely failed to build something permanent because every time he tried, the publisher's plans knock it down. The same publisher that now turn him into the ultimate victim. That was their plan, that's what Johns he wrote.

Is not "a negative and borderline fanboy whinging stance" is realism.

At this point it would be a win if he goes down as a human instead of turn into the zombie Snyder intended him to be.

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@lvenger: The entire world knows who he is because of Johns' plans. Nothing of this is good for Dick.

He already "develop a new secret identity and hopefully grow even more as his own character away from the Batman Family within the DC Universe" they just took all away.

You are basically saying that it good they taked everything so the can do a lackluster version.

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That is actually a bad thing. Jhons having plans for him translated to Nightwing tied to a chair for 6 issues only to "die"

They could make him a Talon because that would such a different idea, nevermind that there are a bunch of talons going around already, they could put him in the Lazarus pit, because that's a groundbreaking concept

They are out of any original thought.

Dick is better dead, or they are going to keep taking things from him.

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It was a huge disappointment. A very long, conventional, huge disappointment.