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Dun-dun-duuuuuuuun! 0

I remember when the first issue of Superior came out. I excitedly bought it and read it when I got home. It was good...but not great. Second issue came out, it was better, but it still felt like Millar was .. getting boring. But, I won't give up on a comic after two issues. One or two more issues would help me decide if I should keep this on my pull list. So issue 3.  A lot better. I enjoyed the way Millar told the story. I enjoyed the story. It felt like the comic was getting on track. The art ...

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While the Sandman is Asleep and the Invisibles are Invisible 0

 A brilliant start to what I imagine continues (and will continue) to be a brilliant series. I've read this and that of Mike Carey's over the years and I've liked him but with the Unwritten - a story about stories (about stories?!)- Carey seems to have found it - 'it' being HIS story.In the last 30 years or so, there have been many great comic series that have come and (in some cases) gone. If the Unwritten stays as good as these first five issues, then it will have earned it's place amongst the...

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Pleasantly Surprised 1

 Hard Boiled is your typical Frank Miller story, pretty much - not that that's a complaint from me. Neo-noir, cyberpunk/futuristic, tale of a dystopian world with lots of violence and, of course, nazi symbolism. (As a side note: I remember when Sin City came out in theaters and multiple people gasped at Miho's swastika ninja "star" and, at the time, I would correct them about how it's a symbol used in many cultures, one of them being Japanese culture. I say at the time, because at the time all I...

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Finally! I Didn't Hate Dick Grayson! 0

Battle for the Cowl plus the two Gotham Gazette ( Batman Dead? / Batman Alive?) issues included in this volume make for a nice bridge between the events of Final Crisis and the post-Bruce Wayne Batman world.Battle for the Cowl, itself, was a three issue mini-series written and drawn by Tony S. Daniel. It's just long enough to say and show what needs to be shown. I always assumed by the cover and the title that this was going to be a much more "epi...

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Wanted: Geoff Johns' Full Talent 0

 Geoff Johns' can be brilliant and then he can be just good. Don't get me wrong, I'll take "just good" over bad anytime. But, I think knowing Johns' is so capable of writing great stories that when he writes just good stories, it almost feels like they're bad.Wanted: Hal Jordan collects two story arcs: the first being where the collected volume gets its title "Wanted: Hal Jordan" and the second is titled "Mystery of the Star Sapphire.""Wanted: Hal Jordan" is a decent enough story that inv...

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The Dreaded Clip Episode? 0

The weakest of the first three Green Lantern collections by Geoff Johns ( Rebirth and Vol 1). The first half fills like out-of-place filler stories, which makes sense it was most likely being written while Johns was also planning and writing Infinite Crisis - which, I imagine would be somewhat stressful. The second half propels us One Year Later after Infinite Crisis, and I'm not sure how much of the flaws I thought the Revenge of the Green Lanterns story...

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I Like My Comics Like I Like My Coffee 2

There's a trend I've begun to notice... Film was my first love and when I was a young teenager just starting to really get into film, I quickly realized that I loved dark films. Perhaps because throughout my pre-teenager, Christian life, all I had really experienced in film was light, fluffy, happy endings and I was fucking bored of them. Or perhaps because a film like Brazil feels more honest, to me, than Maid in Manhattan (I was grasping for a non-dark was all I could think of..). W...

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BIt O' Ultra Violence 0

What can I say, I love the gore. And Millar is happy to provide me with lots of violence, blood, and internal organs. But more than that, he provides me with a character who does things extra-fucked up and violent when a simple gunshot to the head what accomplish the task. And if I love gore, I really love characters who love elaborately and cruelly killing for the fuck of it.  BUT, this is more than just violence and more violence. It's a story I enjoyed and gives me just enough to make me rea...

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Art = Win, Script = eh. 0

 Hellboy contains many things I love (like references to Lovecraft and the occult), but what stands up above everything is the amazing art. Were there an Absolute-like Hellboy, it would be well worth the average DC Absolute edition cost just to see the art in DC Absolute edition quality. Oh well, I shall have to make due with what Dark Horse provides me with. It's gorgeous already, so I'm already winning whenever I look at the pages of this trade.Unfortunately, although I love the art and...

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Nice to Meet You Mr. Cage 0

 To start off, I should say I've never read any other Luke Cage story or ever encountered him elsewhere. This is now all I know about Luke Cage. In fact, I bought this because it was on sale and part of Noir which sounded neat.And Luke Cage Noir is neat. I like superheroes, but I tend to prefer realism over super powers (now, I don't always prefer realism. I love fantasy, for instance. Superheroes are the exception.) and I love the "film" noir genre, so Marvel Noir seemed like a good place to in...

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