Favorite Writers

A list of all the comic book writers I have fallen in love with over the years.

List items

  • Although it was through his novels that I discovered Neil Gaiman and fell in love with him before I even knew he wrote comics, it was Sandman that opened my eyes up that there was more to comics than I had thought.

    Still my favourite (fiction) author, Sandman is also still my favourite comic series.

  • Potentially a stretch to say Frank Miller is one of my favourite comic writers, but his Sin City series alone earns him a spot on this list. Also, All Star Batman & Robin is one of my favorite Batman arcs.

  • I've actually only read Bendis' Sam and Twitch run and the first two issues of Scarlet. But that's enough to put him on this list.

  • Oh how I <3 Warren Ellis. <3 <3 <3.

  • Preacher made me love him, but his Punisher MAX run made me adore him and the Punisher.

  • As of yet, I haven't read anything of Loeb's that I dislike. And I've potentially read more of Loeb's Batman than any other authors Batman.

  • Scott fucking Pilgrim.

  • The man won me over with his Batman RIP arc (Batman and Son on, I mean). Like, really won me over. I would place him in my top 5, definitely.

  • Just based on Blankets, he deserves a spot here.