Weak-Willed Wednesday Issue 2

Well, it's 3 AM and no longer Wednesday but for various reasons I just NOW finished bagging and boarding the comics I bought yesterday. So, instead of typing out a list, I'm going to be lazy and just post a link to .. well.. the list I made as I bagged and boarded....  
List O' Comics Bought (Well, one Free Premiere...) on 10/20/2010
DCU Halloween Special 2010 is missing from the list because currently it doesn't look to have been added to Comic Vine yet. So with that, there's a total of 42 comics from today's purchase. 28 of them were from $0.25 bins. 
Oh, and I finally got Supergod issue 1 and 2 which I had them order for me two weeks ago. So, time to read Supergod. Is there only 4 issues? I know there hasn't been a new issue in awhile and I just noticed Amazon has Supergod Vol 1 trade up for pre-order. 
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