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So one of my little side projects is to see if I can make a timeline of the DCU. I found a site the other day called TimeGlider that seems to be a decent, free, timeline creation web-software, so I am slowly adding DCU events to it and messing around with the software to make it more clear what's going on. It is a work in progress! Someone has probably totally done this before...OH WELL.

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The show must go on

This week's Wednesday wasn't very "weak-willed." I basically forced myself to go in, pick up the new issues of the comics I subscribe to and not look around and end up buying 20 other things. If you're interested in knowing the details of my life (I am quite interesting!), you can check out my list Comics I Bought In 11/2010. Instead of a new blog post and a new list every time I buy comics, I decided to just to make a list for every month and add things to it as I bought them and include the date of purchase in the comments. 
Also, last night, after finishing The Invisibles Volume 1: You Say You Want a Revolution, I started a Transgender Characters list. So far, I've only come across two that I remember. But, I have a bad memory - one reason I started the list. If you know of a transgender character that I haven't added yet, let me know! And since the articles on the two trans characters I know about aren't really written with proper terminology or respect to transgender people, I'll be using the comments section of my list to talk about the characters from a trans-feminist perspective. Editing the articles to change inappropriate or incorrect things doesn't seem to be a viable option, so, you do what you can do...

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Weak-Willed Wednesday the Third

Perhaps, as far as comics go at least, this is my most strong willed Wednesday in months. With that said, I wouldn't say my will was strong..
There was a few reasons why I didn't get as many comics today as I have been getting in weeks past. One, not much came out today for me. Two, I've spent a lot on comics in the last week and wanted to try and not spend so much today since I'm reaching the end of my carelessly (hardly-- escaping anxiety would be a treat but probably not a treat I shall taste. So let's say as carelessly as possible for me..) spending money days (3 months, it lasted. A good run.) so I made an effort to do a get in-get out routine and didn't spend hours looking through the bargain boxes and buying like 40 random old back issues of shit. That isn't to say bargains weren't found and bought...I can't pass up a good sale!
Comics Purchased That Came Out Today (10/27/2010) 
Back Issues Purchased Today
Trades Purchased Today (here's where the bargain buying came into play...these were all 50% or more off.)
And then I also bought a couple D20 Modern books. BUT THAT'S FOR D20MODERNVINE.COM
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Weak-Willed Wednesday Issue 2

Well, it's 3 AM and no longer Wednesday but for various reasons I just NOW finished bagging and boarding the comics I bought yesterday. So, instead of typing out a list, I'm going to be lazy and just post a link to .. well.. the list I made as I bagged and boarded....  
List O' Comics Bought (Well, one Free Premiere...) on 10/20/2010
DCU Halloween Special 2010 is missing from the list because currently it doesn't look to have been added to Comic Vine yet. So with that, there's a total of 42 comics from today's purchase. 28 of them were from $0.25 bins. 
Oh, and I finally got Supergod issue 1 and 2 which I had them order for me two weeks ago. So, time to read Supergod. Is there only 4 issues? I know there hasn't been a new issue in awhile and I just noticed Amazon has Supergod Vol 1 trade up for pre-order. 
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Weak-Willed Wednesday the First Part II

Normally, I would imagine this "feature" won't be composed of two parts each week, but I ran out of time earlier and had to post what I had! So, without further delay! The excitement is tangible. 
Back to the quarter finds from today:
  • Issues #28, #34, #35, and #39 of 52.
  • Apparently I accidentally bought two issue #12's of Azrael, Vol 1. (Second time I've accidentally bought the same comic with the same cover...Although the first time it wasn't during the same visit. Must be AGE.)
  • As well as issues #17 and #18 from Azrael, Vol 1.
  • Issue #11 of Batman and the Outsiders (2008 Vol.) (Batman R.I.P. was how this whole crazy comic collecting thing got started. So now, if it's RIP, even if I have it in a trade...for a quarter, I'll get the single issues when I find them.)
  • Issues #1-4 of Danger Trail!, (DC's 1993 volume) (another comic I haven't heard of. But, since they had all the issues, I took the chance.)
  • Issue #6 of The Demon: Driven Out.
  • Issue #120 of JLA.
  • Issues #11 of Justice League International
  • Issues #58 and #91 of Justice League America (1989 Vol.)
  • Issue #3 of Justice League Europe.
  • Issues #1, #2 and #4 of Legends.
  • Issue #14 of Madman Atomic Comics.
  • Issue #11 of The Spectre (1987 Vol.).
  • Issues #6, #7 and #8 of Vigilante (2009 Vol.).

Well, that's everything from today (Wednesday) and concludes the first installment of Weak-Willed Wednesday. Tune in next week for more! Nothing like reading about what someone bought....
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Weak-Willed Wednesday the First Part I

Every Wednesday I have therapy. A local comic shop is on my way home from where I see my therapist so, after therapy I started stopping by the shop a couple months ago and it's now a ritual. Which isn't a bad thing if it weren't for the Collector Disease I have. I was in remission when I lacked money and have only been collecting mental illness diagnoses (lawl! HALF-TRUE JOKE), but currently (and I should emphasis "currently" at the rate I'm spending money) I have some money and so my Collector Disease came back on strong and I began collecting single issue comics, first from the boxes filled with comics going for a quarter, then new comics... 
Well, today's damage was a nice 50 bucks and I was just going to update my status with "omg 50 bucks on comic shit today" but instead I decided to start a weekly blog "feature"! 
And thus marks the first installment of Weak-Willed Wednesday
So I blasted through the 100 boards and 100 bags I bought a few weeks ago, so I had to buy some more today which accounts for 15 dollars of my bill. The rest is all comics, though. 
As a lot of people are aware of, this week marks the beginning of a series of one shot crossover issues DC is releasing to lead up to the return of Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne: The Road the Home (as the series of one shots is called) had four issues come out today:
  • Batgirl
  • Batman & Robin
  • Outsiders
  • Red Robin
So, got all four of those as well as the new issue of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne (#5).  Then, issue #3 of Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors came out today too. And that's all the NEW comics I got today (since apparently they forgot to set aside issue #58 of Green Lantern and I didn't realize till I got home. Sigh.)
But, I am also trying to fill in holes of series I've just started collecting, so when I see a back issue (or a new issue of a series I hadn't added to my hold-list yet) I need, I grab it as well. And today, in this category I got:
  • Issue #2 of Batman Beyond
  • Issue #7 of Brightest Day
  • Issue #8 of Brightest Day
  • Issue #10 of Brightest Day
  • Issue #52 of Green Lantern Corps
There are quite a few large boxes of quarter comics at this shop and I still haven't finished looking through them all (spend about 30-60 minutes every Wednesday going through them) and this is where I've been getting a lot of comics. Up until recently I pretty much stuck to Vertigo type titles and, with the exception of Batman, had a general "ew, superheros" point of view. That's changed, so these bargain boxes are the place where I buy random shit to see if I like it or if it's written by Warren Ellis...Or, if I know it's going to be shit, but it's a comic with the Punisher. I'll pay a quarter for Punisher comics just to have Punisher comics even if Ennis' MAX run ends up being the only Punisher story I love. I love it a lot....sidetracked. But today, I got a shit ton of quarter comics (41 issues).
  • Issues #1-14 and then #19 of some random comic put out by Crystal Comics then Apple Comics called Eagle. (I should also add that I'll buy random, unknown comics if they have most of them in the quarter boxes. Thus, this purchase. I can't even find a listing for this comic on Comic Vine.)
  • Issue #1 of Run which I got because it's a Final Crisis Aftermath tie-in, I guess.

I shall post part II later!
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Alan Moore (more) Like Alan Bore (BURRRRRN)

Really, the title says it all. But I'm sure I can muster up a few paragraphs of a nice old fashioned rant. 
Time and time again I encounter near (and full) outrage from a person when they hear me spout the blasphemous phrase "I don't like Watchmen." Just the other day I had a friend say something like "I'm still completely at loss as to how you can not like Watchmen." But, I, as well, am completely at loss when people are shocked at my dislike of Watchmen and Alan Moore, in general. Sticking with Watchmen, since it's a nice easy target and perhaps Moore's most famous work, it seems to me to invoke what I'll call the "Citizen Kane Effect" in people. To quickly define the CKE, it's when a person conflates historical importance with "Greatness" in all areas. 
Now, had I been alive and sentient in 1941, Citizen Kane would have probably blown my mind. I could have potentially dubbed it the Greatest Film of All Time. Similarly, were I sentient and reading comics in 1986, Watchmen could very well have had the same effect in the realm of comics. However, I was a year old when Watchmen started being published and obviously less than a year old when Citizen Kane came out. And it wasn't until I was 16-18 that I started reading comics, so a nice 15 year buffer between me and Watchmen. 
Now, historically, I'll assume Watchmen ushered in the modern era of comics. Gritty, dark, fucked up stories. And Citizen Kane ushered in a new era of film making. Innovation, experimentation, and courage. These are great and to be respected. But being the first on the scene doesn't make you the best on the scene. Watchmen may have changed comics, but in doing so it made it easier to be dethroned from it's position of "Greatest" (if it ever was or if there is such a thing as "greatest"). And to make things clear, I love the themes in Watchmen: mental illness, moral ambiguity, etc. But, it bores the shit out of me.  Moore accomplished all of this and more, in my opinion, in a lot less pages in The Killing Joke - the only thing of Moore's I love. 
Now, on a recent-ish post by another comicvine user, it seemed to be suggested that some rather popular ("overrated") authors who openly cite Moore as influence, owe him quite a lot and that it may be difficult to discern where these authors begin and Alan Moore ends - or to put it another way: They're just regurgitating Alan Moore. However, if I understood the argument correctly, I definitely disagree. Let's use Neil Gaiman as the example - and I won't hide my bias, Neil Gaiman is my favorite author in the medium of comics as well as other forms of literature. Now, Gaiman has definitely been influenced by Moore. Gaiman has been influenced by Lord Dunsany as well. And probably Snorri Sturluson as well, but to be safe I'll just say Norse mythology in general. And a million other things. However, to say that Gaiman is regurgitating (regurgitating is my word, not used by any other poster, by the way) Moore, Dunsany, Sturluson, Homer, etc...would be, to me, a very odd opinion and one difficult to demonstrate. There's a key difference in simple copying and using an idea or a character and making it your own and Gaiman, to stay with my example, has always - in my opinion once again - fallen into the latter camp. Even with Stardust, a straight up homage to Lord Dunsany, it's very much a Gaiman story. 
Perhaps one day my opinion of Alan Moore will change. But for now, Alan Moore stands in my book as the most overrated author in the comic book industry. 
And remember kids! Don't fall prey to the CKE! Historical importance is just that and does not imply anything beyond it! The French Nouvelle Vogue made better films than early Hollywood did. Certain New Hollywood films made better films than certain Nouvelle Vogue films. And certain modern films are better than New Hollywood film. Each movement inspired the next and artist build upon the works of their influences, not simply reproduce it.


I Need a Fix

Once upon a time, not but two months ago, there lived a girl who enjoyed comics but never really bought any since she had friends always willing to lend her their comics. Oh and she was really poor. She still is, but that's beside the point. ANYWAY, one fateful day around two months ago, this girl was having a shit day - the promise your therapist you plan on staying safe type of shit day, to be more specific - so, on a whim this girl (Madeleine, they call her. Some call her. Most?) stopped by a local comic/game shop determined to buy SOMETHING in order to help cheer her up. And this girl, Madeleine, did buy something on that day: a nice shiny hardcover of Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories (for she loved Harley Quinn). And ever since that day it has become a weekly ritual to visit this comic shop and buy comics - at least once a week.
An addiction.
Since then, Madeleine has increased her comic collection - trade paperback and single issues - substantially. Even, as of this last week, subscribing to a number of currently running comics. And even earlier today (technically yesterday, but I haven't slept yet..), Madeleine finally ordered volume 1 of Absolute Sandman from the internets. 
The Next Fix
Aware she has problems, Madeleine doesn't give a fuck and just looks forward to her next fix. Tomorrow, perhaps, she thinks to herself. Gotham City Sirens Vol 1 hardcover looks pretty...but then so do so many others. How will she ever decide! And will she face her problems? 
I suppose only time has the answers to these questions. But this author hopes the answer to the last question is "No." because comics are fun. And who needs to pay bills?!
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