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Lets seeeeeeeeeee.
Hi! Um, I'm Madeleine. A 20something nerd, punk (post), mystic atheist,  artist of any medium I can fuck with (I prefer composing and filmmaking), queer, philosopher (accidentally), and a thousand other words. 
My hero's include: Andy Warhol, Neil Gaiman, Julia Serano, Ian Curtis to name a few. Andy Warhol topping the list of all my obsessions. LATEST UPDATE 11/16/2010: Grant Morrison needs to be added to this list now that I've read lots of his stuff and am in love. He's like Andy Warhol + the occult (to simplify).
I'm mentally ill!
Sandman is the comic that got me into comics. From there I went to Transmetropolitan and only recently have I really left my non-super hero world and began to become increasingly interested in DCU stuff and also started collecting single issue comics. 
I have multiple non-human animal friends who are my roomies. Two dogs: Ponder and Nemo. Two cats: Warhol and Explosion.
I suppose this will do.