Favroite Comic Characters

These are my favorite characters from whatever involves comic books.  These are not all the characters I like, just the best of the best

List items

  • Dude, he has wings! Aside from that, though, I like his calm homeschooler-ness. Plus, well-written Christian characters (and I don't mean Catholics) are always a plus.

  • Kenji acts like the little brother of the Band in Rainbow in the Dark and I like that. Plus, his hair is awesome! I can't wait to learn more about him.

  • I find him the ideal X-Man, he's a good leader, competent with his powers and moral. Plus, him and Iceman make the perfect team.

  • A giant, Russian, metal man. What's not to love? I think his power-set is the best regarding super strength and I like his interaction with Kitty. And he's Russian!

  • A lot of X-Men, I know. For one, Chamber's powers are really cool. I like that he's one of the character whose life if thrown upside down because of his powers. He's a little (okay, very) mopey but it makes sense in his situation.

  • The best Green Lantern ever. My favorite part about him is his creativity with his constructs. And his first costume since all the other Lanterns matched and he didn't. Plus...he's so witty!

  • Julian is a huge jerk but he's still got character to him. Especially with what's going on with his now. I just like that he's a powerful mutant who does what he can with what he has. And him and Mercury should get together, in my opinion.

  • He makes X-Factor awesome. His sense of humor, found mainly in his little narration boxes, is rather unique and I really like it. He's not a stereotype leader since he's just bumbling around trying to stay on top. Plus, his creativity with his powers is amazing.

  • Not the Daily Planet 'go-for' but the do-anything-for-a-picture streetwise teenager. Some writers make him a little gritter, albeit still kinda odd, which is how I like it. See Superman: Metropolis.