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A Medieval Western? 0

I've never been a huge Gunslinger fan, but something about the illustrations just made me cringe. It starts off with vultures picking apart a body. Then flashes to Gilead, which if memory serves correct, is a hill outside of Jerusalem, where we see vaguely Gothic-era architecture and a half-naked woman reminiscent of King Arthur'sĀ Guinevere. We again return to the western as Cort and Roland have their show-down, "this town ain't big enough for the two of us" style, where my favorite character, D...

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Skrulls 101 0

If you're a new comer to the invasion, this is a perfect catch-up issue. Be warned, however, that Tony Stark steals the show; more ink was used on words than on the pictures. Personally, I thought the issue was useful in becoming familiarized with the in's and out's of Skrull life (origins, who's been revealed as skrulls et al), explaining the origins of the illuminati. However, this can be quite the headache to read. It's not something to flip through for the art, either; it starts strong, but ...

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