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On the Fence

Characters or themes that I have mixed feelings about

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  • But it's so... pretty...

    I would wear it all the time.

  • Kind of a mysogenist, also someone I'd never consider battling. He's just totally on the fence. I can't respect him, but he's supposed to be a hero. Mixed messages! Ah!

  • On God's side, but battles Spawn.... I think there's too much inconsistency for me to make up my mind about him, so I put him in this list.

  • Yes, he's obviously a "bad guy". Though I do like his portrayal in the second Spider-Man movie, it made him seem human and vulnerable. Plus it's the robot arms that are controlling him, not his own psyche.

  • An eco-terrorist with incredibly honorable intentions. Except when she's kissing death on people... you know how it goes.

  • She's on the fence becuase Daredevil was her boyfriend, but then she goes and wants to kill people. So she's not adhering by the comic code, which is slightly disheartening, but then she's got those wicked saises which... well, they'd be my preferred tool of fun, as it were.

  • Yes, he's a good guy. But what about the whole thing with his first wife and Sarah, and that whole deal? He might be fighting for justice, but cheating on your pregnant wife... I don't know.

  • Honestly? I think he's kind of cute and fuzzy. But he's on the fence purely on a bias, as I hate his name.

  • Is she good, or fantastic? I'm not sure....