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The eternal dillemma least until robots take over the world:
Digital or analog? For comic books I mean. I've only used the marvel database online when i'm bored on the internet, reading whatever free issues they have. On the other hand, I no longer have a comic book outlet down the street (it's located about 5 hours south now *sigh*). So is it worth it? Should I buy a marvel account? I mean, god, there's DC and Top Cow and Vertigo too, how can I only subscribe to one publisher?!!? Has anyone else done it? What do you advise??
Thanks viners
<3 V


Ultimate Villain

A question I have an opinion on! ha. But seriously. I think Hush is one of the most twisted villains. He's also super under appreciated. But the fact that he tried to off his parents so he could be wealthy, and then the whole master mind thing in Hush vol. 1 and 2 just really swept me away. 



Things I Like

Sleep? Nah.

1. Twinkle lights. The little ones that look like Ice-cicles.
2. Zucchini bread (homemade).
3. Ponds.
4. Those metal head scratchers that look like giant spiders.
5. Shiny orange objects.
6. Peaches.
7. The nickname "doll".
8. The sound of a bouncing basketball in an empty court.
9. Sun-dresses.
10. Sun in general.
11. Bad action flicks.
12. Drum circles (but not hippy drum circles on the quad... like, hard core african drum circles)
13. Baseball (live. not on tv.)
14. Large beds
15. Vodka.

eh, alright...

lol, it kind of blew my socks off. I knew it would be fantastic, but.... man. I loved joker and hated him so much. Two face was good, definitely shadowed by Ledger, though. They better give him an oscar on a silver platter, that's all I'm saying.