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Vampires that Don't Glitter 4

I wrote this review last year thought id post it dont judge my writing on this ive gotten better.       Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant 888 1/2             The vampires don’t glitter under sunlight in this Halloween action-comedy, but Vampire’s Assistant (based on the first three books in the Cirque Du Freak saga) is still a fun movie to see.               Darren Shan (who shares a name with the book’s writer) is an ordinary teenager with an ordinary family who with not-so-or...

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Gauntlet Begining Surprisingly Good 6

     After seeing the disastrous portrayal of Doc Ock in Amazing Spiderman #600 and hearing the news that Sandman would once again embrace the dark side, I was quite worried that after Brand New Day the new team of writers and artists would just waste the older villains as cheap marketing ploys and count on the newer villains like Mister Negative and Menace to provide the interesting stories.  However, after reading Fred van Lente's short on Electro in Web of Spiderman #2 I began to hope that Ga...

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