Kill Totals

This is a list comparing the highest kill totals.  I am merely doing Marvel, but i want commenters to post DC and Vertigo and everything else.
The rules:  
1)  To qualify, the character did not necessarily have delivered the killing blow.  They merely have to caused it.
2)  The character must have killed a creature with at least human-level emotional capacity.
3)  I am not counting Ultimate characters or alternate universe characters here.
4)  If an alternate universe counterpart did the crime, it doesn't count.  For example, if Age of Apocalypse Magneto kills someone in Earth-616, that can't be blamed on Earth-616 Magneto. 
5)  The killer has to be sentient.
6)  Characters like Death do get to be on this list, but not for claiming characters who already died.  They have to have actively ended someone's life, not just collected the souls.
7)  Deaths are restricted to kills in the Earth-616 universe, unless their is a tie-breaker. 
8)  God and entities like him are not on this list because their characterizations are controversial and conflicting.
9)  Corrupting souls can be used as tie-breakers for kill totals.
Okay, this won't be perfect, so I want your comments to help it be more complete.

List items

  • Kill Total: Arguably every single person who has died in Earth-616 and most other dimensions as well.

    Victims: No race is safe from him.

    Why: A demon, Chthon rebelled against higher powers of good and brought evil to the world. He now corrupts people, makes death a painful process. He also created millions of demons and other evil creatures to carry out some truly heinous crimes.

  • Kill Total: Resurrected everything that had died in Earth-616 and trillions of other universes, but kept their life tied to him. When he was trapped in another dimension, he died.

    Victims: Everything in Earth-616 and trillions of other universes that had died. At other times he had killed Zeus, Phobos, Gaea, and large portions of the Japanese and Skrull Pantheons.

    Why: To restore the Earth to the darkness that had existed before the birth of Gaea and Set.

  • Kill total: Indirectly, only a thousand or so. However he helped create the pathways to death and chaos (with this brother Chthon) that cause people to die, and then cheated this process by creating various monsters that corrupt the process of life.

    Victims: Anything.

    Why: Wanted to create a race superior to the morals and abilities of anything existing.

  • Kill Total: At least over 10 billion, likely over 1,000 billion.

    Victims: 80% of the Skrull Race; every single member of Beta Ray Bill's Race; and many more solar systems.

    Why: He was hungry.

  • Kill Total: At least 6 billion.

    Victims: An entire alien solar system, various others

    Why: The Dark Phoenix Force (which is what this entry is devoted to) is immensely powerful but need a host). Most famously, it caused Jean Grey to consume a star, killing the aliens on the planets nearby.

  • Kill Total: At least 6 billion.

    Victims: An entire alien solar system; Mastermind

    Why: The Dark Phoenix Force possessed her, and it was hungry.

  • Kill Total: At least a billion

    Victims: Any inhabitants of the Negative Zone, 80% of the Skrull Race, several smaller races.

    Why: To expand the Negative Zone where he knew how to survive. Also, to appease Galactus in order to gain more power.

  • Kill Total: 16 Million

    Victims: Genosha Mutants

    Why: To piss off her brother, Professor X.

  • Kill Total: 16 Million

    Victims: Genosha Mutants

    Why: Convinced by Cassandra Nova to aid in her mission to annihilate Genosha; he did it because he hated the nation and mutants.

  • Kill Total: At least 10 million

    Victims: 95% of the Kree Race; a few thousand Skrulls too.

    Why: To keep the Kree genetically advanced enough to survive and prosper.

  • Kill Total: At least 2 million

    Victims: The entire population of Eastern European nation Slovenia; a bunch of aliens of various species.

    Why: To quench his anger at the human race for creating him unhappy.

  • Not every Kang, mind you, just a group of them.

    Kill Total: At least 400,000

    Victims: Citizens of Washington DC

    Why: Seeing a poor future, a group of Kangs decided to take over the world to create peace.