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  • Alignment:Neutral
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Prior to the influence of the Zylite.
Prior to the influence of the Zylite.
Post-Zylite infection.
Post-Zylite infection.
  • Name: Zyla Zyllar
  • Aliases: Violent Zyla, The Scarlet Marauder
  • Species: Bioengineered Life-form
  • Occupation: Bounty Hunter
  • Gender: Cisgender Female
  • Height: 7'1"
  • Weight:
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Hair: Red
  • Age: 24
  • Alignment: True Neutral

Physical Description:

Tall and powerfully built, Zyla Zyllar is a fiery, red-headed, athletic amazon in every respect. Able to crush a bull sauroid's head between her thighs, this feral, monolithic beauty wears her dangerousness on her sleeve. She generally wears a red-and-gold outfit (matching her hair and eyes, respectively) pieced together from the hides of powerful marks she had brought down.

After reaching maturity, Zyla developed some slight mutations that had previously been latent in her augmented DNA. This caused her skin to turn a shade of pale green due to the influence of unique bacteria native to her system, known as Zylite (named, creatively, by Zyla herself). These bacteria also increase her strength and speed to greater than their original levels.

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Zyla is a warrior to the end. Though her job is to hunt and to kill, she does not exemplify the huntress -- she does not stalk or study her prey, nor does she apply stealth or tactics to her attacks. She walks into danger, takes its best shot, crushes danger's head, takes a trophy and moves on. She is utterly mercenary and will do anything for the right oil -- whether it's as a freedom fighter, as an assassin, as a heroine, or as a savage enforcer. Too simple of mind to meddle in morality, she rarely tries, and few things are so low for her to refuse.

However, even her most fierce reservations can be imbalanced if she's pushed over the edge. She will lay a hand on no child unless that child insults her. She will not punish an adulterer unless they have betrayed their spouse's trust more than once. And she will never, ever harm a mark's pet unless that pet is of equal guilt.

Powers and Abilities:

The second in a series of genetic experiments by the Abyssal Imperium, Zyla Zyllar is not without an impressive amount, and quality, of abilities. She was initially dubbed a success until her "angry side" first surfaced -- in an attempt to telepathically calm her, it was revealed that even Zyla's mind was volatile and dangerous. Dubbed too difficult to control, she was kept as a deniable asset but not inserted into formal training to become an officer. This position would later be given to the first true success: Malicia.

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Zyla's abilities consist of thus:

  • Strength: Zyla can bench-press upwards of 60 tons. In an enraged state, that amount increases by about 150%, though she is unstable in this state.
  • Durability: Immensely durable and arguably moreso than she is strong, Zyla once withstood a right cross from an angry Ziah Darksong. While cutting implements are more effective, she is all but immune to blunt force trauma.
  • Speed: Zyla's base speed slightly surpasses that of an olympic human -- impressive for an entity of her immense size, but not enough to play a major factor in most battles. In an enraged state, her speed doubles.
  • Weapon Skill: She is a master of her signature weapon, a heavy chain with an armorstone sphere at the end. Zyla can use this chain for both attack and defense, and is singularly flawless in its use. Aside from her chain, Zyla has limited knowledge of basic wrestling and grappling -- enough to utilize her natural strength, but little else.
  • Temperature Resistance: Zyla once allowed herself to be captured by a mark, cryogenically frozen, and brought back to the mark's citadel as a trophy. Zyla then broke out and snapped the mark's neck. Similarly, she once swan-dived into a volcano in order to access a hard-to-reach target -- besides the damage to her clothing, she was unharmed.
  • Frenzy: When suitably enraged or frustrated, Zyla can enter a state of berserk rage. This dramatically increases both her power and speed, but decreases her stamina and cognizant abilities. She is impossible to control by any means in this state, and cannot differentiate friend from foe. It is for this reason that she prefers to work alone.
  • Mental Backlash: Attempting to access or control Zyla's mind via telepathy is like putting a fork in an electrical socket. Her mind seems to be made of pure chaos and destruction, a desolate landscape of pain and violence.


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  • Lust: 6
  • Envy: 4
  • Gluttony: 4
  • Sloth: 3
  • Wrath: 6
  • Avarice: 3
  • Pride: 5


Piercing and cutting weapons are ideal for bypassing Zyla's durability, though even these are not fool-proof. While she is not intelligent enough to know when she is being tricked, she can ofttimes still be so stubborn that attempts at such fail anyway. Using her simple, linear style of both thought and action is often the best way to avoid or redirect a confrontation with the scarlet marauder.

If combat is unavoidable, attempting to use her slow speed to outlast her is a poor decision. Without entering a berserker state, Zyla is not in any way quick to tire, and enraging her to make her so is an outright awful choice. Despite it being plausible to avoid direct attacks, this isn't Zyla-s first rodeo -- she'll use the ball on her chain, or even a clap with her palms, to create a destructive area effect and destroy whatever stubborn, elusive insects are trying to avoid her. If you can't best her, your best choice is to run for your life.

With sufficient knowledge and preparation, a cunning adversary can attempt to cleanse or negate the Zylite within her system, causing her to become slightly smaller and weaker before the bacteria re-manifests in her system. This is enough to gain an edge in a confrontation, but not enough to win one.

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