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Top 15 Assassin in DC and Marvel Comicbook

Because Assassin's Creed is my favorite game ever. I'm counting down the most deadly Assassins in DC and Marvel comics because I can't find character pages of my favorite Assassin's Creed character lol.

List items

  • I think it's an easy bet that he should be the number one? Deathstroke is one of the most notable assassin in comics. He has able to beat high tier characters throughout his career. He is most famous foe of the Teen Titans.

  • One of the most if not the deadliest character in comics. He is making his film debut in David Ayer's Suicide Squad this 2016. Mostly known rogue of Batman this deadly assassin became a member of the Suicide Squad and Secret Six.

  • Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is one lovable character. A character that was created as a parody of Deathstroke is now a character on it's own. Deadpool is one of the deadliest mercenary in the Marvel Universe and the loudest! That's why he is called the merc with a mouth.

  • One of the deadliest assassin ever created in the fictional world. She is also the mother of Cassandra Cain.

  • He was once a Robin killed by the Joker and BOOM! He now makes a good character he became better lol! At least in the new 52 because you know.. he is not a pain in the opps anymore. The Red Hood unlike the other member of the bat family is willing to kill anyone who stand on his way. Jason Todd study martial arts from around the world mastering every single one of them. He has been able to fight with the rest of bat family before.. but yeah all wounds heal they are now a family.. cute.

  • Frank Castle should be on the list.. because he is the Punisher. He kill, shot, disemboweled, disembodied, burn... <insert word here> people. He is brutal and will not think twice to kill anyone that's on his way. So yeah if you don't want to die better not mess with him or don't mess with other people.

  • One of the heroes for hire in the Marvel Universe, ressurected not once but twice. Elektra is a character that can beat up not just thugs. She is highly skilled and deadly.

  • The former sidekick of Captain America was used by evil organization know as HYDRA! During his run as Winter Soldier he killed famous politicians and foe. Currently he redeemed his self from his wrong doings in the past, he even took up the mantle of Captain America after the death of Steve Rogers.

  • Daugther of Ra's Al Ghul the leader of the League of Shadows is the real definition of femme fatale. She has her on and off relationship with Batman.

  • We can't have the list if we don't have the famous agent of shield here. She will anything in order to make her mission a success that's how deadly she is.

  • We can't end this list without having our main man! Lobo is one deadly assassin not just in earth but in the whole universe. That's how deadly he is. I don't want to forget that he also who a space based motorcycle that makes him a lot cooler.

  • He can read your moves! One of the foes of the Avengers in the Marvel Universe. Taskmaster is a master martial artist that can easily read your move! He even beated Deadpool!

  • Another marksman that we sholdn't forget on our list. One of the many foes of the man without fear. He is hired to kill Daredevil but end up killing Elektra.. Oppss SPOILER ALERT!

  • This recently created character is deadly enough to make it on the list of the Bat Family's pain in the ass. He fought the Bat Family along side with the Court of Owls.

  • This deadly foe of Green Arrow is a former member of the league of Assassin. He is a master martial artist that can make any foe bleed to death.