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Top 10 Asian Characters in Comics

Being an asian doesn't stop us for getting into comics even though there is manga which by the way the asian counter part of comics, just saying lol. I'm counting down my top 10 asian characters in comics. This list will be focusing on the characters that have a far-east or south-east asian blood (Oriental), not counting Kamala Khan because she is from the middle east.

Finishing it later :P

List items

  • This master swordsman is one of the best known by wielding her soul taker sword. Her sword is enchanted because the sword itself takes the soul of the people it killed. She debuted in Arrow and now she will be appearing in David Ayer's Suicide Squad.

  • Daughter of one of the deadliest assassin in DC Universe. Cassandra Cain became the 2nd Batgirl after Barbara Gordon. She is one of the most well known asian character in comics.

  • Current Hulk, Amadeus Cho is one of the greatest mind in Marvel Universe.

  • I'm so happy that the new 52 introduced a filipino character in comics. He maybe not the first but he played a semi important role in Earth-2 hopefully he gets his time to shine on the upcoming Rebirth.