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My Top 10 Favorite Lantern

I'm listing down my 10 favorite Lantern!

List items

  • My most favorite Lantern of all times. After replacing Hal in Zero Hour. Kyle became the most powerful person in the DCU. Holding the power of the White Ring he can manipulate time, space and reality.

  • The leader of the Green Lantern Corps. and the most known Green Lantern. Hal Jordan's will cannot be compared to other Green Lantern. He fought side by side with Earth's most powerful heroes. Now he is on renegade after the God Head event.

  • You can't make a Lantern List without having Sinestro on it. The former Green Lantern turned bad is one of the most badass character in the current DCU.

  • I must admit, I really don't like guy that much. But after bearing 2 power rings at one and becoming the leader of the Red Lantern who would't like him?

  • He has the will, the training and the skill. One of the most powerful Green Lantern recruits. He became famous in the animated series Justice League.

  • The leader of the Star Sapphire and love interest for Hal Jordan. She was one of the most well known female character in the Lantern mythos.

  • The first Blue Lantern after all the misfortune in his life, he keeps on fighting and he had never lose hope.

  • One of the most powerful character in the DCU. He has the power over the dead.

  • The living planet the became the home base of the Green Lantern Corps. after the destruction of OA.

  • The leader of the Red Lantern Corps. Atrocitus became the first Red Lantern after the slaughter of the Manhunters in Sector 666.