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My top 10 Best DC Animated Movies

I'm counting down my top 10 favorite DC Animated movies.

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  • In my own opinion, this is the best DC animated movie to date. The action, the script, the animation and the voice actors are perfect! The story is about the death of Jason Todd and his return as the Red Hood. The final conversation between Bruce and Jason is the most memorable scene ever. Each lines you'll hear will really mark in your heads! Over all this is the best animated movie DC has ever done.

  • From Geoff John's story to an animated movie. The adaptation of FLASHPOINT will make you speechless. Once the story starts theres no way you will able to pause it! This is one of the best animated movie DC has ever made! Over all, the action, the story, everything in the movie is AWESOME!

  • A movie with Superman and Captain Marvel against Black Adam?! Ever since I watched this short film, I always imagine Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson fighting in a movie as Superman and Black Adam. This is a movie every kid and kid at heart will like. Billy's character really show the enthusiasm of kid on wanting to become a superhero. Over all its an action pack movie for kids and kids at heart that family will enjoy watching.

  • One of the best Batman movie ever made. The movie focuses on Bruce Wayne's strunggle on finding himself, and the awesome transformation on becoming Batman. The movie is another awesome retelling on the Dark Knight's origin. Over all its action pack and story will make you ask for more.

  • The movie focuses on Superman's journey when he found out that he's dying. The movie brings out the character of Superman as a person, that he is also a man like us. The movie was based on Grant Morisson's graphic novel. Over all the movie is fun and at the same time will touch your heart! I won't explain any futher... Just watch the movie!

  • Worlds collide! This movie is awesome in so many levels! The way they handled the fighting scenes between each characters is really superb! Over all the movie is what a Superhero movie should be!

  • I don't need to say more! A movie with Batman and Superman with a little bit of Wonder Woman? AWESOME! The story focuses more on Kara (Superman's cousin) who was brainwashed by Darkseid. What do you expect for a movie with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Darkseid? AWESOME action scenes! Over all the movie is an action pack!

  • The movie perfectly captures what a Wonder Woman movie should be. The scenes in the movie is a balance between action, drama, comedy and romance. The final fight between Diana and Ares was really awesome that will make you ask for more! Over all the movie is fun and enjoyable!

  • The movie focuses on Hal Jordan's journey on becoming the best Green Lantern. The movie really brings out Hal Jordan's personality, the way every Green Lantern fan would have expected. The final battle between Hal and Sinestro was well executed that you'd wish the live action movie does the same justice to the final fight against Parallax. Over all Green Lantern: First Flight is a good movie for people who wants to learn more about the Green Lantern mythos.

  • The story is based on JLA: Tower Babel where Ra's Al Ghul (In the movie they use Vandal Savage instead) found out how to defeat the Justice League by using a plan made by Batman himself. Every scene in the movie is beautifully executed. Over all, Justice League: Doom really brings a balance between comedy and action.