Vine Villians

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Call to Arms

Fall of VV

Many great empires have ruled this world spreading their names and glory across the know world. Rome was one such power and the ruled with an iron first. Much like the VV had once ruled the Vine with an Iron fist. And much like Rome began its decline the VV has done the same. Where Rome had barbarian hordes knocking on its doors. The VV has new teams that have spawned up from the Vine and fellow old teams that now wish to see there fall.

The Vine Villians surrounded by enemies Goods Neutrals and even fellow evil brothers.

They have all come to finally lay the beast know as the VV to rest.

Shall the beast die or shall it raise back up.

Official RPG Rules apply

Shall you stand and fight or flee like cowards lets see what kind of Evils this team is made of