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Brilliant Start 0

Nice cover. Love a man with claws and a goatee. Bonus points.As for crushed mutant and his dog? A bit graphic, but nicely done. Ah, the dark era of supremacists and sociopathic nation-state leaders, who could've asked for a better lookout? Loved Trask's short coming, Magneto was portrayed rather nicely in this one. Introduction ceremony was cute, and did I mention I loved Jean's hair-do? Bobby resue mission was intersting, and freeze the Sentinel in mid-fall waas done quite well. Crazy!Hormonal!...

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Good, but not Great 0

Double  dose from Cyclops, I see. Nice one, Shades. Referring to the cover, if you're confused.As for the issue, I'll lay out the problems right now. Too little fuzzy dude. Period. I won't lie, the fight at the dance was great, loved Bobby's lines, loved the team pic, yada yada yada. But too little Nightcrawler? Unacceptable. Also, a bit small and dreary on the Phoenix part, but at least it fared better than the Dazzler scene. Tsk, tsk, I was hoping for at least a little girl and girl catfight. ...

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Much Better 0

Nice cover. I mean come one, luvs. Who doesn't like a little competition for the redhead? Two hands, two men, two very big egos, and the little princess stuck in the middle, now isn't that a blast? Too bad it has nothing whatsoever to do with the issue plotline. Big no-no. Nice cover, but absolutely no relevance. Pity.As for the issue itself, quite well done. Much better from my hideous with the Date Night Ending. Ah, the Elliot Boggs line, a bit redundant with the amount of characters we've had...

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