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What was the point? (Spoilers ensue, Ultimate X-Men)

... And was it worth anything in the end? The deaths I mean, from Ultimate X-Men. I've been closely discussing this issue with Morpheus, thanks for listening, and am wondering what you guys think. For example, after spending may be six or seven comics for Dazzler to wake up from a coma, was it worth killing her in the end? And then that issue with Colossus and Nightcrawler regarding the Russian's sexuality, just when Kurt was starting to accept his friend, what was the point of killing him off when they could have easily started fresh again? The Banshee arc was a beginning, the start of their friendship that was was burnt before, why kill him before they could have a true heart-to-heart? Now I see now point in Kurt joining Piotr in the first place when rushing after JP. And for Wolverine and Cyclops? Exactly what was the point in killing off the two main characters in the title? Are they thinking of pulling another "dead lamb" where Jean gives up her life and everyone magically comes back to life again? So far, that's all I see.

What to you all think?