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Planet Rulk (...alittle) 0

The Red Giant is sent on a mission that causes him to be sent to a planet that tries to make him feel like a "weakling."  I spot this on the Fear Itself story ark and felt that it was going to be just another take which Hulk had done and put Rulk in the same idea.  I was a little right seeing Rulk went from capture and up to the top of the ranks in the village that lives in this world.  There were some cool fight scene and bet downs that made it worth buying the comic and I enjoy it very much.  ...

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can't beat them, "Changes" them 1

 Little better than the first part (could have just cut that shorter than what it was.)  This redeems the comic from looking not all bad.  What we are shown is that Miek has crawl out of the shadow of god knows where and is plotting against his bubbies The Warbound.  The art works is much better than it was, still needs work on some scenes.  Pros: Got the idea and just need to have the next comic to follow up the expectation.  Cons: Makes you look at the art work (with better improvement but sti...

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History repeats itself. 0

The green man has to take a trip to an island and with the Warbound to answer the call we get the first part of the Planet Savage sereis.  To me the begin felt standard, we get the idea that this mission isn't going to be as clear as it showed like.  And what made this work feel was the art; it a some point in it hulk has the bulk muslce face and then in the next scene his gain alot of weight.  The story just parts itself so the best advise is to get this and the second part with it to get the w...

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The fine line 0

To me this comic did a great job introducting a character developing in his own mark in Marvel and a good chose of a character to be in the suit.  I pick this up because of the art by Tony Moore (artist for the The Walking Dead Series) who had done a pretty cool job in drawing the venom suit and the action that took place in this comic.  Pros: It's a good start. It created the stress that the man in suit as he fights the Venom from taken control and his belief of becoming the hero that he wants ...

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Paybacks a B**** 2

The comic continues with Rulk on the road to recovery.  He then now gets to join up now with Thor...and Thor hasn't forgotten the last time they meet.  This story (now with Loeb-free) we get to watch a mad god that shows Big Red that if you touch his hammer you're goin to get hurt...Badly.  Meanwhile on A-bomb story he has a blast fightin the sea monster and making puns left and right.  Pros:  They start following the story and what's MODOK's plan to scorched the earth.   Cons:  It feels too fas...

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Out with the Loeb and in with New 0

I was hoping to stop reading comics for a while; until I look at some of the pages on this and I was hooked after that.  This is the comic after the Jeff Loeb run and now it written and drawn by the new team Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman who have gotten extra credit for getting me back into the Red Hulk comics.  The story takes our Big Red friend and work on getting him to play nice with others...while also getting "tough-love" from Iron-man.     Also, the other story of A-bomb had good artwor...

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Again...worth buying for a giggle 0

Previously on "That Hulked-Out Show."  Spidy wants to read up about history and Thorr wants to bet up spidy for being a nerd, and to make matters worst, Hulk Soldier come in to join the party.  Meanwhile, IceHulk has a break through about why he always has to be a clown and how Hulklops helps out...with a little help of "Tough Love."  Pros: Lighted humor.  Cons: Meaningless results.  MyRate: 3/5  If you must choose to get "Thor vs Spiderman" or "Captain America vs Wolverine" choose this one... s...

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Little better than Cap vs Wolv 0

This follows the events of World War Hulks a little bit, having the Hulked-out Soldiers attacking Washington D.C.  The first story is more on the funny side; that Spider-Hulk (brains) and Hulk-Thorr (bronze) both together in a Measum while a War is goin on outside.  The other story has Hulklops (serious) having to deal with IceHulk (comical) and how they "get along" together...Feels like that they are in a cheesy 90's show that lasted only a few episodes.   Pros: Light hearted.  Had enough hulks...

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...And don't forget the kitchen sink 0

This comic puts too many Hulked-Out Heroes in this book that they needed more pages or other "VS" to just explain the first half.  I had the feeling that this (and the Spiderman vs Thor) would be just about the battle between the main two "Hulked-out" combatants.  The first part of it is with the main two fighting it out; along with the reason they have this angry between each other.  In the second story, you have Ms. Mavel, Human Torch, Monica Rambeau, War Machine, The Thing," Grumpy, Sleepy, D...

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About Time!! 0

Not just on the Big Red's Reveal, but what I believe is the return of the Rulk from the first time He made his intro to Marvel.  The comic gaves us a history on our man and what he has done for everyone he care about.  Through the times The Leader and M.O.D.O.K. has in fact made deals with him long ago.  Also, the many artist that draw out all the time periods of Red Hulk was at the time was a nice touch.  This comic also follows current events in what is happening to our jolly "Red" giant and h...

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The Main Event 0

After what seem to have been Intelligencia one and Banner zip; has finally stop.  The War has gotten bloodly and destructive, my thoughts on what a hulk comics should go.  The short revealing of how one person became red, the "Battle of the Brainiacs", And Of course what everyone knows the Big Power Down and Power Up: Gamma style.  Also, seeing the hulk-out heroes is freaky looking...even for one the smartest ones.  And for the Hiro-Kala story of things to come wasn't bad, but it is the events o...

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Cats out of the bag. 0

The truth has been revealed...  Not to give much too up away, but The Incredible Hulk comic reveal who's the Red She-Hulk is... and the Hulk22# gives who the "Big Red" is.    The way they gave the indentity was really good story twist.  There's also a small story in checking up on the other son, Hiro Kala, and what's happening with him.  This reviews on the Incredible Hulk story and not on the Hiro-Kala part. PROS: The Story was great; 200 Hulk-Out soldiers taking over Washington and having only...

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