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Vinci League

Characters that I would choose for my league to take over the worl...I mean to "save" the world.  >: ] 

List items

  • Hulk Spawn Conan = Badass

  • He know how to take down people w/ abilities to name a few: knowing how Matt Parkman's mind reading works and "kill" Sylar.

  • At times u would need a loose cannon in the group :P

  • Just in case if we need a ninja skill, wise crackin, pizza eatin, teenage mutant turtle around...don't look at me funny.

  • He was part of the secret, powerful group in springfield. Plus great at parties. :D

  • Pretty much the only Decepticon that actually did the most work in the Transformers (2007)

  • I'm pretty good with him on super smash bros brawl...and he can beat Sonic any day >:D

  • If I can get the right price for his assistant...and have some Chimichanga :P

  • I would invite just Bruce Banner...just in case if we have a disagreement I could take him >:)

  • being in the army, skill fighter, knows how to plan an attack (just throw the soldiers at anyone or thing). Have him when we're not hanging with Banner.