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New 52: Wonder Woman #6 0

Let me just start off by saying I think what the Azzarello team is doing with this storyline is brilliant. By making Wonder Woman’s father Zeus, rather than a child born alone from clay given to her mother, Azzarello and team set up a family feud dynamic not unlike that of Game of Thrones. With all the treacherous jockeying for power that goes along with such high stake grabs for power among such notorious deities. I’m also finding Wonder Woman’s place in Greek mythology somehow more logical, if...

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slow burn 1

I have to say I am enjoying season 9. It seems like the writers are trying to focus primarily on the interpersonal dynamics of the characters, the show is evolving into a slow boiler soap opera with a backdrop of supernatural, as opposed to the other way around. An interesting and not easy choice for a comic book to take if you think about it. At one point in season 8 there was an opportunity for Buffy to become a superhero on the level of Superman and I think that would have made much mor...

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Bold & the Brave 2

What I liked Although I’m new to reading the Batwoman book I have been hearing quite a lot of great reviews about the series for years now. As a new reader I have to say I was confused about some of the backstory, who is this mysterious villain after her? I’m sure to long-time fans he and his compatriots are instantly recognizable but for me they were not. What I liked was the look and art, there seems to be two stories being told over top of each other, the artistic work and the story itself. I...

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love him or hate him 0

What works for me… The way Superman is drawn is just great in my opinion, I love how powerful he looks while still tieing him to the everyday with the jeans and the T-shirt. Really well executed and in fact exactly how I like to see Superman, a little more powered-down to our level so the battles he faces are on a scale my mind can comprehend. When the foes get too all-consuming because his powers are so great it can cross the line a bit for me. This less powerful Superman seems a bit more grown...

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where are these 3 going? I'm tempted to find out... 0

As a new reader to this book I found the storyline a bit difficult to follow, I’m still not clear on how and why these three bandits came together but the tone and the art of the book are compelling enough that I think I will give it a few more issues before I decide whether it’s a must-read or a skip-it. I found Starfire an interesting character, obviously the tone of the book places women in a heavily sexual role, although Starfire seemed far more in charge of herself than did the monstrous w...

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Brand New Old School 0

I loved it. There was a sense of retro and nostalgia while still keeping it modern. Superman felt fresh and daring and in fact more in-keeping with how a newly emerging superhuman would be treated by a distrustful and disillusioned populace. There was a particular grittiness to Clark Kent that felt authentic and interesting, he is at once the old country (having moved to the big city from a farming community) and yet identifiable for new citizens as he is clearly living in an impoverished workin...

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Gods Draw Blood 2

I must admit this book felt like the perfect first start for a truly great adaptation of the Wonder Woman mythos. The story was an interesting blend of Greek myth and modern invention. Another reviewer on here said that Wonder Woman often felt like a guest star in her own comic book but this time really felt like her story. I loved the colouring of the book; it felt pulpy and retro while still having the feeling of a very innovative design element. I enjoyed the subtle elements of lesbianism – ...

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WW52 0

I have always found Wonder Woman to be something of a paradox, at once she’s a feminist icon but created under the guise of traditional femininity and gender roles. I think her origin story has always had great potential if only DC were bold enough to completely reimagine her the way Batman has become darker in tone over the years. Discard her silly suit and let her link to Greek Myth be what propels her into the future of comics. What Worked The art is really well done, alive and fresh. An...

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