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My Little X-Men

In no particular order the x-men I love and stan for.

List items

  • Baddest boy scout

  • Probably the first X-Men I felt a real connection for, maybe it’s because for all her awesome powers she lacks the thing she wants most, intimacy.

  • The marriage of intellect and animal instinct, Whedon in particular captured the best of him.

  • The Phoenix storyline is one of the most well done in all of comic book arcs in my opinion, all the more so because Jean herself is such a likeable heroine.

  • Reading her start on the X-Men is one of my favourite introductions, there’s just something really great about her power and her spunk.

  • Overexposed? Certainly. One of the main draws to Marvel, let alone X-Men? Undoubtedly.

  • A loveable big lug, he’s really grown on me with time, strong but stoic, he is as integral to my idea of the X-Men as any of the bigger names and personalities.

  • who doesn't love a bad girl?

  • Everything about her powers intrigue me.

  • It took me a long time to really view her as an X-Man, her moral ambiguity always bothered me when I was younger. But with maturity I have learned to love her Machiavellian ways.

  • Even on print they unnerve me. I like that.

  • One of my favourites from New X-Men.

  • Something fly about her.

  • Her pairing with Wolverine really works for me, I enjoy her powers and her dry sense of humour. She embodies everything about ‘becoming’.

  • How could I have forgotten the Cajun sensation? I loved him, especially on the first cartoon.

  • There’s just something enjoyable about a jerk sometimes.

  • I find her powers and character interesting.

  • There’s just something heartbreaking about his powers and his rebirth in the Necrosha X storyline that endeared me to him.