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Repressed Memories (Part 2)

Ah, Victor Grey, I believe he is just a mortal now, a weakling. Unable to return to this realm and stuck on earth. How far he’s come from being just Kiros, but how little. I cannot believe I have to work with that man in the military! Hard to believe millennia’s ago his abilities with a sword would make us a laughing stock! How many would ask, “Ares, God of War yet your brother can’t even slay a single monster?” Well, let’s go back to that day, that memory.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Why do I wait in the field? Is Ares even going to come? Kiros stood holding a sword, him and his elder brother weren’t on the best terms, and they weren’t even on good terms. The arena floors was caked with sand, winds conjured prohibited sights of 30 feet in front of you. After much trouble, brother Ares had agreed to help young Kiros in combat training. “Why must I waste my time with him? He will never learn!” Ares argued to a room of gods, but it was of no avail in the end.

Ares stepped through the sandstorm, his face in a frown. He wore heavy fighting attire, and his muscles would intimidate most Olympians almost as much as his reputation did. He held two swords in his hand, a small one and a large one.

“Quick! Grab your sword! I’m not waiting around for you all day.” Ares shrugged and threw a sword in front of the young Kiros into the sands, no older than 12. Young Kiros gripped his sword, able to see his reflection through the steel. But Ares wasn’t here for formalities, he quickly swung his own sword forward with great power, the sword flying off Kiros’s hand as Ares raised his own to neck point.

“Hey! I’m only new to this! Go easy on me!” Kiros yelled out. But this made Ares angry.

“Your enemies won’t be easy on you! Now pick up your sword!” Ares yelled in frustration. Kiros grabbed his sword quickly but Ares stepped forward, putting power and sending the sword flying out of his hands once more. Kiros was getting frustrated, but Ares found joy out of this. Grabbing his sword again, he swung it at Ares, but the elder god blocked the sword with his bare hand, pushing young Kiros the sands.

“Stop it!” Kiros grabbed his sword and swung five times, with Ares blocking all of them as he grinned, finally pushing Kiros to the ground once more as he laughed at the young god.

“This is more fun than I’d thought” Ares grinned, much to Kiros’s frustration. “Now why don’t you take another swing at me?” Ares wanted to continue tormenting the child.

“No!” Kiros ran off, much to Ares’s anger.

“No? Come back here you kid! Get back here!” his voice was drowned out by the distance and sands. Kiros just kept running.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Of course we’d have countless sessions in the future, sometimes the kid grew on me. Sword matches became a hobby, if I won. There were many times where the kid just frustrated me though, still he does, but he isn’t Kiros anymore. He’s Victor now, and soon we’ll meet again.


Repressed Memories

What’s your deepest memory Victor? Where did your heart lay? So long since you’ve lived in Mount Olympus, or does the essence of time escape you? I remember what happened on that day, let’s see how you remember it.

_ _ _ _ _ _

“Run Adriada! Run with me!” the sound of the wheels of the horse carriage raced across the ground of the moist forest floor, blanketed with wet and fresh leaves dropped from the Auburn trees. The young teenager yelled out as his boots raced on the ground, carriages were in pursuit, but he wouldn’t dare look back.

“Kiros! Why are we running?” the sound of the girl running with him could be heard above the Horses cries. The blondes came into sight, Kiros having fairly long blonde hair, messy from the entire running he’s been doing, and ocean blue eyes. His face was flawless as a representation of his godly status save for a few specks of dirt running through his cheeks. He was dressed in lightweight armour with a brown rough backpack on his back.

The lady with him was also a blonde, having green eyes that glowed under the night, her skin was flawless also, and she was an Olympian too. She wore forest armour and held a mage book in her hands, bookmarked to the middle.

“Here, duck down” Kiros hid behind a tree with Adriada reciprocating the action, two horse carriages had come to pass, with Hermes running in front of them with his winged decorated shoes sliding against the wet leaves.

“He must be ahead!” Hermes yelled out to the carriages behind him as they ran by the Auburn tree concealing Kiros and Adriada. Kiros covered his ears to avoid the overwhelming noise of the horses, a satisfactory smile on his face.

“Now can you tell me what this is about?” her eyes glowed under the night, this was the first breath they’d had in an hour. Kiros reached in his backpack and produced Hermes’s staff, the Caduceus much to Adriada’s surprise. She gave him a tough but playful punch to his arm as he laughed.

“Serves him right” Kiros looked back to Adriada with a grin on his face. He’d played a prank on Hermes, stealing his Caduceus as payback for all the jokes he’d played on him. Adriada tried to maintain a straight face, but instead grinned as well. “So you admit it’s funny?” Kiros laughed again.

“It is but this was supposed to be our date Kiros” Adriada frowned slightly. Kiros hugged her tightly and kissed her on her forehead, returning eye contact and making her a promise.

“We will have our date. I promise” he smiled as the sound of horses could be heard from the distance, the horses were coming back their way. Adriada’s eyes lit up as she looked behind Kiros. “What?” he smiled as a hand grasped the Caduceus was taken away from him. He turned around to see Hermes, displeased.

“This . . . was . . . unacceptable” Hermes seemed serious as he stepped forward to the two teenagers. “But genius” a smile came over his face as he grabbed Kiros’s shoulder. “Now don’t do it again, find other ways to impress your girlfriend” he got a feel of his staff once more, then gave Kiros a nod and left.

There was a brief moment of silence before Kiros and Adriada both laughed once more, their voices overlapping as they both commented on the joke “And did you see his face when he saw the staff?” Adriada smiled as they both lay back for a moment, looking at the stars above, shining under a dimmed violet sky.

“I’m glad we have this moment here” Kiros returned his gaze to Adriada “no running, just us” he smiled and took her hand. She smiled too and wrapped her hand around his.

“Me too” she however got up “now come on, this night isn’t over” she grabbed Kiros up.

“More running?” he groaned playfully and stepped up.

“No, just walking” she began to walk with him.

“A long way home” he ran his hands through his golden hair. “Well I don’t like to brag, but I am pretty fast” he smiled.

“I can teleport, I’m a mage” she smiled as well, both of them reaching an empty field by a pond. “Here, look” she raised her hand, with her magic she altered nature, white petals began to fall from the air. Kiros extended his hand to her, gesturing her to take it. Despite feeling shy, she took his hand, trusting him not to embarrass her.

The both of them began to dance slowly, her placing her head on his shoulder and him on top of her head. It felt like a lifetime, but it ended after a few minutes when Adriada spoke.

“You know, I hate to say this right now, but I have to be going in- ” she was cut off by Kiros.

“We have this moment here” he smiled, withdrawing his head and kissing her passionately, but it didn’t last long enough, horses were heard from the distance once more as both of them let go.

“Well, I guess this is it” Kiros spoke, knowing they’d see each other again. He gave her a wave before the two parted ways.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Yes, the boy in the story is Victor, Kiros is Victor. How far he’d come. Why’d he have to adopt that mortal name after his banishment? How very romantic that was. Sadly they never saw each other again, his first date had been a tragic one, and no one forgets their first love.

Aphrodite stopped gazing into the memory, lost to her own thoughts. She had other plans for Victor in mind. They’ll meet again soon.


The Forthcoming Son

High in the Olympian Realm.

_ _ _ _ _ _

The fates sat in their chambers, the threads of life tight around them flowing in a natural pattern. Clotho spun the thread of life, her hair rough and her clothes dirty. Lachesis measuring it, looking like she’d just come out of a garage. Atropos cut it, her legs very skinny and her face pale. The three fates weaved the lives of mortals. Clotho spins the thread of life and a child is born, Lachesis measures it, the child only lives for three days, and three days later Atropos cuts the thread, the child dies in a car crash with his family.

Clotho sits down, weaving the threads gently, mystical in appearance and fixed into place yet so fluid, waved by the magic of the fates, the balance of nature at work. All of them in silence, working independently of each other, they never spoke except for matters of utmost urgency. The humid air rushed upon their faces, the room dusty and lowly lit, empty for them to do their work save for a chair and small table in the middle. Their work was patient, and required their full concentration.

The silence had suddenly been snapped, the smallest of voices having broken a silence as old as time itself, or so it seemed. It was Clotho who spoke, only in times of urgency. Her throat weak after weeks of silence. The words escaped her mouth. Unclear at first, but after clearing her throat, the whole room could hear her.

"Lachesis . . . Atropos" her voice was devoid of any emotion, as it always had been. The fates drew closer together to hear what Clotho had to say. a new thread had been taken notice of, being pointed at by Clotho’s frail and skinny finger. A life soon to come, a thread had been spun. "Call Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, I request her most urgent attention"

_ _ _ _ _ _

Back on Earth


An explosion went off as Victor grappled away, his steel ropes taut. He landed on a high old building, his hardened but padded boots not making any sound as they hit the wet floor. He observed from a far away distance. Ten drug shipments thwarted in three days, detonating stacks of cocaine, values in the eight digits, this is how he spent his days now. His body was exhausted, fresh blood having dried into a red fade. But he ignored the pain, forcing himself to jump on rooftops one at a time as his knee almost collapsed. It hurt, but he'd become obsessed, and his willpower was as strong as ever, an undying flame. This was what he had now, it was improve and act on it. Right now he was acting on every improvement he'd made, taking it for a test drive. Plus, he doesn’t tolerate illegal drug profiting. These drugs would’ve made it to the back of Saint Lincolns school for Catholics had he not stopped them.

45 Minutes Later.

Slipping back into his apartment through the back window, fogged up by the rain. Victor took off his red helmet and black jacket that dripped with rain, laying them both on the dark wooden table. He wore a black under armour with few cuts and bloodstains dried up. His armoured pants were now stained with blood as well. Grabbing a wet cloth he began to wipe his bloodstains, he needed the amour clean for his next patrol tomorrow night. The irony, I’m only a vigilante now, the price I pay for choosing to help others one person at a time, and I still carry the burden. I feel compelled.

Klish. A small sound came from the kitchen as Victor raised his gun, a 50. Desert Eagle. Advancing towards the light blue wall separating the kitchen from the living room. Someone was in the apartment with him, someone must have broken in. "I can hear you, you better be disarmed when I walk in!" he grabbed an adamantine close combat knife and moved further forward. Using both in unison for quicker melee attacks. He preferred to do this the easy way, the enemy surrendering as opposed to a fight, besides jumping on rooftops had taken it out of him. Taking cover right behind the wall leading to the kitchen, Victor swapped his gun cartridge and did a corner turn, raising his gun at the tall shadowy figure that couldn't be seen in the dark. He could hear soft laughter from the kitchen as he clicked the gun trigger, hoping to subdue the enemy with a .50 bullet.

BOOM! His gun sprung up in recoil as the bullet bounced off the enemy, having no visible effect, a .50 gun had been put to shame. He advanced closer with an adamantine knife raised to the neck, he recognised her. Shrugging and flicking on the light, Aphrodite stepped out from her position, leaving an apple behind with a bite out of it. What is she doing here? We never talked much before.

"Aphrodite" Victor seemed devoid of any surprise, acting as if he had expected her. "What brings you to this realm of earth?" Victor asked while making two cups of coffee. In reality he was confused, what is she doing here?

"Victor. Why do you adopt such a mortal name?" she stepped forward, she was terrible at blending in with the modern age of America. She wore a thin silk wear almost see through to cover her private area and the same silk substance around her breasts. "So this is how you spend your nights? Jumping on buildings and protecting mortals from harm using mortal weapons used to harm?" Aphrodite was having her fun.

"Don't be fooled, I’m glad to see you dressed up for once" Victor almost smirked, a hard sight to come across these days, but Aphrodite just shrugged. "Now are you going to tell me what you're doing here?"

"The fates have spoken Victor" Aphrodite tried not to show her bother at the name. Victor laid the coffee on the table, his curiosity now peaked at the mention of the three fates.

"Spoken? Fates? That's two words that don't belong in the same sentence" Victor was glad to talk to Aphrodite, he hadn't spoken to anyone in awhile. Aphrodite's eyes wondered around his apartment, her curiosity on his gun, she wasn’t accustomed much to mortal devices. "What did they say? And why are you here?" he hid his surprise. Her attention was refocused on Victor once more when he spoke. She stepped forward so he could hear her better.

"I'm here because I was best suited, who else to send but the Goddess of Love?" Aphrodite's flawless hands slid against the kitchen drawer as a smirk crept on her face. Victor took a sip of his coffee, offering one to Aphrodite. She accepted the drink, picking it up taking a sip of the hot coffee.

"So this is about love?" Victor holstered his gun once more, rubbing debris off his hair from the adventurous night. "What about love?"

"It seems you've been shutting yourself out, love isn't on your mind anymore is it Victor?" Aphrodite seemed offended and laid her coffee on the table. Just when Victor was about to speak once more, he was interrupted. "But it will be soon, that's the only reason why I allow you to stand where you are"

"I doubt that" Victor took a sip of the coffee and stood up again. Seeing the threatening glare on Aphrodite's face, he retracted his statement "at least not for the moment" he left the kitchen as she followed.

"They've seen the future Victor, it's about you" Victor's heart skipped a beat. If the fates sent Aphrodite to him, there must be plans for him in the future, big plans. Aphrodite smirked, glad that she has his full attention. "Do you want to know what they've said?" she toyed with him.

"Well I doubt you'd go back without telling me, so what about it?" he tired of the mind games, but she enjoyed them, taking a long pause to torture him.

"The future is written out for you, or rather someone else to come. Your first child will be a special one, born of strength mightier than Hercules, speed faster than Hermes and . . ." she leaned in closer so that he might hear properly, Victor was taking it all in disbelief, his expression couldn't hide it. "More powerful than even the Sky father" she wasn't too comfortable saying his name "the child shall be conceived during your next sexual intercourse" she spoke with no hesitation, after all she was the goddess of love. "He'll look much like you, but adventurous, a natural born leader and selfless. He’ll be very important to the Olympian community, and this realm" she began to walk away, satisfied she’d delivered her message.

He believed every word of it, after all why would Aphrodite be in this realm or mention the fates in the first place. "Wait Aphrodite, tell me more. That can’t be all" this made her smirk. He was desperate to hear more about his future son.

"I think I’ll just leave now Victor" she toyed with him and walked away. He stood his ground however.

"That's all? It's very cryptic." He seemed frustrated, much to her pleasure.

"For now, bye Victor. The forthcoming son awaits" Aphrodite vanished and left Victor to his own in the dimly lit apartment.

The Forthcoming Son Awaits.


Resilience (Part 3)

Before After the Fall RPG and A God's Long fall (RPG)

_ _ _ _ _ _

Alright, not sure how to start this off, not sure if i'm doing this right either, but I should be talking about this. My therapist said I needed to write a letter to myself, talk about everything I want to say, all my problems and thoughts. So here it goes.

Well, Park's death has come to pass about a fortnight ago, and here I sit in my apartment. Once I was filled with Denial, anger, my therapist says i'm at the fourth stage now, depression. I no longer deny Park's death, Park's gone forever. His life was wasted, but his sacrifice was not in vain. Friends and family now know about the man that once was Park. His greatest moments, my greatest moments spent with him. Now i'm segregated from the world, never have I felt so alone, but i'm trying to forget. Forget wouldn't be the right word, accept is more appropriate. I need to come into acceptance, I once pushed the people close to me away, but now I know better, you only live once, but it's what you do with it that counts.

I used to see him, not literally, but to feel him. But that's just the feeling of familiarity every time I enter the Park. I should be out into the world, making new friends, us immortals are not used to death after all. If any olympian saw me now, i'd be put to shame. But i'm beginning to accept that Park is at a better place now, i've given it some thought, and Park wouldn't want me to blame myself. But it's the truth, it was my fault, but it opened my eyes.

Everything's changed now, I see the world differently, realistically. Long have I had a loose outlook on life, joking my way through every situation, disregard those around me to an extent, not strive for the best. But now I need to excel, more than ever, in my state, only the best can keep me alive. I can't settle for second grade skills, it'll just get me killed. I need to practice my every move, hone my ever skill and learn every art. I need to be a killing machine.

Luckily for me, when I first came to earth, I was a weapons crafter. I have experience in weapons from testing out every single gun i've crafted and the knowledge of the inner workings. I can apply these skills in the battlefield, how long before my enemies come for me? How long before I miscalculate a step and be on the edge of my life. But that'll have to wait for later, Park's armoury has all the research and resources I need.

Charmix, the name haunts me, who is this witch Alceus spoke of? The memory is clear as day, two sets of memory in my head. When I try to recall the last memory of my mother i'm at a bridge, unable to differentiate from what happened that day. It's like this: the memory of Hera's death is clear as day, but how do I convince myself it's not real when it's there? Cemented into my brain. Healing magic did me no good, i'll just have to live with it, accept it over time no matter how much pain it causes me every time I remember it. The trauma is real, it feels real, and that I can't change.

I hope this is what I was supposed to do, I hope this does me good. So that I can finally confront myself . . .

_ _ _ _ _ _

The old-fashioned inked pen ran out as Victor shook it, trying to get more ink out of it. To no avail though. Having confronted his inner demons, it was time to dispose of the note. Throwing the note into the lighting chimney filled with dancing flames, Victor lay on the couch once more, closing his eyes and hoping for the best tomorrow.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Victor continues in After the Fall RPG!


Resilience (Part 2)

Before A God's Long fall (RPG)

“Victor, good news. The co . . .” Victor’s attention was focused on other matters, distant matters as his lawyer spoke. “Victor?” his attention was refocused when the lawyer spoke to him once more.

“Yes?” he was almost annoyed as he refocused his attention on his lawyer Bartholomew behind the wooden fine desk.

“I took the papers to court, the judge looked them over” the lawyer took a brief pause as he went through a folder, presenting a statement to Victor “He said yes, the one fifty grand are being processed as we speak, large transactions take time, but we’ll sort out all the paper work and it’ll only take twenty four hours. As for the building, possession of it has already been transferred to you”

Victor looked to the lawyer once more, his eyes mildly bloodshot. “I suggest you get some sleep Victor” the lawyer didn’t want to sound rude, but spoke out of concern for his client’s safety. Indeed Victor had been drinking a few hours ago, having never been drunk due to his healing factor, he now had a way to drown the pain away and try mortal things for a change.

“Right . . . I should” Victor stepped up to leave the office.

“Oh and Victor” the lawyer jiggled the keys to Park’s armory around, handing them to the once godly Victor. Slipping them into his pocket, Victor nodded to his lawyer and proceeded to walk out, heading to his therapeutic session.

_ _ _ _ _ _

“That was good Victor” he was at a peaceful place, he was at a Park, Redemption Park. The park was silent except for flowers in the air, flying around as the scent of nature spread in the air. “Now take a deep breath” the voice instructed, Victor did so, hmmm taking a very deep breath.

“Now exhale, but keep the image in your mind Victor” the voice instructed him again as he exhaled his deep breath. Hoof. “That’s very good” the lights came back on as Victor opened his eyes, his mediation session had just ended. “Victor, do you realize why I asked you to do that? When do you use meditation?” the therapist asked Victor as he leaned back up.

“To calm down, to not lose control” Victor replied controlling his emotions using methods he’d been taught. There was a brief moment of the therapist analyzing Victor before he spoke once more.

“When you closed your eyes, where were you Victor?” the therapist held his pin at the tip of his mouth, deep in thought. “Where did you imagine yourself to be?”

“Redemption Park, me and- well I used to go there to clear my head, there was a hot dog cart near there as well. Two of my friends used to go there, I would see them a lot. Arturia and Park” Victor’s lip twitched slightly.

“We’ll pick this up next week Victor, same time. I want you to practice meditation as well, it’s a very crucial art. You need to always know how to control your emotions”

_ _ _ _ _ _

After sending his message to Alceus, he’d received a visit just after his therapy session. His brother had been concerned about his ‘mortality’, how long it would take him to adapt to the change. But instead he’d pushed him away, he’d been emotionally distant for a while, pushing friends away from him, but he always regrets it after.

“I don’t need you to be worried about me, ok? I’m fine, I don’t need anyone’s condolences,” the last words he’d told Alceus during his visit. Just after Alceus had left, he’d come to regret it. He wanted to convince himself he was fine, he wanted to be stronger than this, he didn’t want to feel weak.

“Appreciate the visit though”

_ _ _ _ _ _

The keys to Victor’s armory still lay on his table. Grabbing the keys to the chains, he made his way to Park’s armory, which had belonged to his father to Victor’s understanding.

It was night and he had made his way in his new armor which he’d crafted, all the tools he’d crafted cost half of the money he’d inherited from Park. It was light enough to allow complete agility, but he could add attachments to make it resistant to bullets by sacrificing agility and movement. He was previously a weapons crafter the first time he’d come to earth, and had crafted many high caliber guns and grenades.

Blending into the night, his durable facemask wasn’t made to shine in the night, allowing him to be a blur to anyone from afar and blend into the darkness. The armory stood high, obviously of old stature and very well locked. Raising the key to the chain, he rotated it as the sound came Kshh. The chain opened up as he rolled the door aside with his great strength.

Inside lay many sections, weapons of all calibers, grenades of all effects, researches for all techniques and applications. This would help him much, this would make him more than just a man. Grabbing research papers on pressure points, Victor began to read, taking his time and absorbing information like a sponge.

_ _ _ _ _ _

His willpower to become greater was unbridled, his willpower was now stronger than ever in his convict to become stronger. He would need to be able to defend himself before his enemies come for him.

I have the armor, I have the weapons, I have the skill, now there is only one thing left, and I need to know the field I fight in. Victor intended to become one of the best there were. He would need information on the battlefields, and the enemies.

Travelling around the city, he planted concealable cameras. He wasn’t comfortable with the technology, but his determinations lead him to study on the usage of computers. Soon he would have surveillance on all the key areas in the city. Mapping it all on a big computer, he would be able to see what’s happening in the Park, the Nightclub and many other locations where gossip will just come out of the unsuspecting. The city would have to be his playground.



After Crisis In Olympus - RPG

_ _ _ _ _ _

“The best course of action at this time . . .” Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock “Victor? Mr. Grey?” Dressed in a luxurious and rich black suit with a red tie and his hair combed to the side, Victor looked as professional as he ever did.

“I’m sorry, what were we talking about?” Victor spoke, sitting in the lawyer’s office as time faded away. His eyes were tired and he’d had his first real nap ever since his powers faded away.

“Park’s Will, he left you one hundred and fifty grand” Victor’s lawyer looked at him through small rectangular glasses. Ue rubbed his eyes clear and looked at the lawyer once more.

“He’s not dead, he can’t be gone” he was in denial “We never found a body” he tried to convince himself.

“You need some time to figure that out on your own, all I’m asking is for you to sign the paper, give me something to go to court with, do you want the one fifty?” the lawyer made a convincing argument as he extended the pen to Victor, sliding the papers in front of him.

Hesitating for a while, he raised his pen with a shaky hand. Giving the lawyer one final look, who was giving an encouraging nod, Victor finally signed the papers.

“Good, I’ll go to court tomorrow and see if we can seize hold of the money and the . . . bunker” the lawyer hesitated with the final word.

“He can’t really be dead, he’s still alive” Victor began to speak again as the lawyer stepped up, fixing his suit.

“That’s something best discussed with your therapist Victor”

_ _ _ _ _ _

“Alright Victor, what do you see?” Victor’s first therapeutic session began, he was trying to get over Park’s death, and deal with it. He was being shown an inkblot as he lay on the comfortable cyan colored couch. He concentrated hard, squinting his eyes.

“Can you please rotate it?” the man began to rotate the image for Victor to see. “I see a forest” Victor responded.

“And where did you first encounter that?” the therapist asked as he prepared the next image.

“I walked through the forest in my homeland, walked through it until I got to the big tree and the clear pond.” Victor was careful not to reveal his Olympian heritage. He was making reference to the Tree of Life, how he resurrected Park the first time he died.

“What do you see now?” the second image was raised in front of victor, at an adequate distance. The image had a color of red this time.

“Blood, I see blood” Victor was quick to respond. The therapist didn’t ask however, he thought he knew where Victor had seen it. The third image was raised, still with red and black.

“Two women, with blood on their hands” he spoke, referencing blood once more. After doing several more images and inkblots, the therapist finally allowed Victor to sit up.

“Victor, that was the mental assessment, it is now clear that your friend’s death has impacted you, the test was to get a grasp of how your mind works so I can help you. Come back next week, I’ll be able to help you. Do you have a picture of your friend? Something to keep when you’re feeling down?”

Victor shook his head “we never took any” he walked out of therapy, he never owned a car, he never needed one when they can fly around anyway. Now he had to walk, walk all the miles. But he was still Peak human. But it looks like rain is on the forecast for today

_ _ _ _ _ _

Finally making his way to his apartment building, Victor began to climb up the stairs, his clothes drenched with rain, he found his apartment, the crimson door with a new sign hanged up on it.

Eviction notice, you have 3 days to evict.

Victor sighed as he stepped into the apartment, turning on the lights as they sprung to life. Taking off the suit and changing into more comfortable attire, he flipped on the TV as he fumbled through drawers, finding a piece of paper and pen. He began to neatly write down a later.

Dear Brother Alceus

Victor here, your brother. I thought I’d take the time to write you something. So things here are Great, I’ve been meaning to write something for a while, and I finally have the time. I’m still dealing with Park’s death, I blame myself for the tragedy, had I not brought him, he’d still be alive.

Alceus, we defeated Zeus, but what next? I’m not sure which direction to go, I also don’t have any abilities. I feel like I am of no use to anyone now. The world is going to hell, and a lot of dress ups are running around, flying and saving people, and I can’t do that anymore.

Once I could be able to fly over the walls of ruin kingdom, yesterday I almost fell off my balcony however, so I’m still trying to figure out the kinks. But don’t worry, I’m still an expert in archery, a marksman and a great hand-to-hand fighter, I won’t let my talent go to waste.

Well, that’s for me Alceus, I’m hoping you can send me something back. Please do find the time to respond.

Thanks for finding the time to read this, your brother, Victor.

After writing the letter, Victor would take it to the post in the morning, but he had another letter to write. Shaking his pen to get the ink out, he began to write another letter.

If you are receiving this letter, it means I need to meet you for an urgent matter. This is best dealt with face to face, and if you would like to arrange a meeting time and place to where we can discuss the matter, please do send back. It’s concerning Park Solmas.

From Victor Grey.

He wrote with a heavy heart, making several copies to be sent to Park’s family, Cain O’pannell, Arturia and Urbs. Finally he stood out on the balcony, looking over the city. Cars rushing past under with bright headlights. Once he would just jump and fly away, but he no longer afforded that luxury, he was only Peak human now. But he could still use that.

Park isn’t dead, he can’t be. We never found a body. Wait, Alceus supposedly did, Park said goodbye himself! But that could’ve just been Charmix, she could’ve played mind games! Alceus mentioned that witch! But I was healed, Apollo and Athena healed any mind effects. He has to be alive. He just has to. Like a detective with no clues, Victor relied on blind faith

Victor was leaning on the balcony now. He was almost going to jump. Maybe I still have my abilities, maybe they’re still here! I just need to jump and find out. Victor stood up on his balcony and took a deep breath, he finally jumped.

Fly! Fly!! Victor began to fall towards the concrete below. Acting with quick reflex, his hands held on to the ladder below, doing a swing as he reached the street lamp, horizontally swinging as he gained momentum and landed on the car below, sliding off the hood as people looked at him with suspicion, fear in their eyes.

Millennia’s of training and this was only the basics of what he could do. He still had his naturally taught abilities.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Entering the building once more, he scrunched the eviction notice and threw it to the ground. I’m guilty for letting my best friend die! I don’t even have a father anymore! I thought I lost my mum! I’m such a failure! I can’t pity myself! Need to think about all the people I’ve saved. Park is dead, but there are others that are still alive.

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But I can’t help them if I’m weak, but I’m not weak, there have been great heroes with nothing but a bow and arrow. I can still save people. I developed the suit for a reason, it’s a start! Victor marched to his closet, opening it to reveal a new suit of a black jacket and pants holding underneath armor and a red mask. His symbol for fighting, his new identity.

Closing his closet, visions of the past haunted him, visions of the war and days before. Not having his perfect memory made his old days a scatter, a blur. However one thing was sure, and advisor and right hand woman position to the throne of Olympus was given to someone named ‘Clarice Zeraz’

Who was this Clarice? And why was she given this position all of a sudden? Nevertheless, Olympus was getting back on its feet, and a new direction was carved for Victor, but first he had some business to take care of. Writing his final letter detailed Urbs.

Dear my fellow Cash Inc members.

You’ve been like a family to me, and we’ve had days of her own, but I write this with a heavy heart. This can be discussed face to face if you wish, I have no intention of being a jerk writing It like this, but under recent circumstances this is best.

I quit Cash Inc, my morals have changed. I’m not the same man I once was. You’re still family to me, but I can’t have any more blood on my hands. Your details are confidential and I won’t approach any authority with this. You’re still my friends on the road, but I can’t afford to do anything else.

Sorry if you feel let down, I’m sorry if you hate me, but this is my decision. From Victor.


My Short Fan-Fic to Rogue_Mar1e and FadeToBlackBolt

Err, this is for their 6 monthiversary! This is my gift to you :D

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nightwing watches from a distant rooftop as the two lovers snuggle near each other, trying to control his emotions as he raises a picture of Rogue_Mar1e, his dream date. Once upon a time, she would've gone out with him and complimented his ass, but her love for FTBB was too strong now as he watched while rain danced on his skin, drenched with it, but hiding him out of the sight of the two lover. His name was FTBB and he would need to take out the competition.

With a quick flick of his wrist, Nightwing fired his grapnel gun to the building adjacent to him. Balancing on the tightrope and shrouded by the darkness of the night, he was right above Luke, watching as Marie gave a kiss to Luke as memories overlapped in his head, expanding above its size. Marie was walking away by now, making promises for their 6 monthiversary coming up, but he intended to make sure that Luke never attended. When Marie was out of sight, as light as air Nightwing dropped down, ready for two simultaneousness kicks aimed at Luke's chest to get the upper hand. This was it, the battle for Marie . . .

But with a quick manoeuvre, Luke sidestepped with great skill and avoided the double kick, instead pouncing forward with his own arsenal, aiming a double arm simultaneous kick manoeuvre at the once boy wonder. With ease the legendary Nightwing avoids Luke's attack, using his own weight against him and throwing a jab at his chin, staggering Luke. This would be the perfect time to strike, it was witch hour and Luke didn't have his armour on. Raising three Wing-a-Dings, the Circus man threw the three with deadly accuracy, but Luke was trained to study the human body and predict an attack before it happens using body language. Pouncing over the Razor projectiles, Luke gave himself distance and gave a quick tap to his concealed sleeve button, requesting his armour for drop off. But already Nightwing was on the move as he closed the distance between the two, throwing a Bola to drop Luke to the ground and jumping in for a finishing kill . . . Finally Marie would be his. . .

But it seems Nightwing has underestimated his enemy as his opponents armour went into formation around him, as his enemy went in for a powerful punch. Knowing that he couldn't pull off a sidestep at this speed, Nightwing flipped over as his ass took the full force of the blow, absorbing the damage as if it was nothing. His first instinct was to use an EMP, try to disable his enemies suit, but Luke thought a step ahead and switched to his backup power source, charging forward towards Nightwing before being cut off by a gentle voice that pierced the night.

"Stop" Marie stepped forward out of the shadows "Nightwing, we all love your ass, but Luke is my boyfriend" the words cut his heart as his guard dropped.

"I tried to fight for you Marie, for another chance" Nightwing reached his arms out and slided his hands across Marie's cheek as his eyes tore, both shared a moment, but the love she had for Luke was everlasting. "In another world, perhaps we could've been together" the former boy wonder lowered his hand with a heavy heart, turning away from the beautiful woman and walking away as Luke removed his armour in the conclusion of the battle. Raising the miniature photo of Marie once more, a tear fell onto the picture. "Here's something to remember me by" he gave up his one memory so that she might have his . . .

*The End*

(I had to put this up :[ )


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