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Godly Strength: Victor Grey possesses strength on a godly level, able to lift far in excess of 100 tons with little effort.

Godly Durability: Victor Grey possesses durability on a godly level, and is able to survive in the vacuum of space unaided, and trade blows with other superhumans.

Godly Stamina: Victor Grey possesses stamina on a godly level, and therefore can never tire.

Godly Healing Factor: Victor Grey possesses a healing factor on a godly level, being able to regenerate from major injuries in seconds to minutes, depending on severity. Victor can regenerate limbs, and major organs, but if a fatal injury is inflicted, he may still die.

Enhanced Senses: Victor Grey possesses Enhanced senses, he can hear, smell, and see from several kilometres away with clarity.

Godly Longetivity: Victor Grey possesses Longetivity on a godly level, and will live for tens of thousands of years before he dies.

Self Sustenance: Victor Grey doesn't need to breathe, drink, eat and doesn't produce waste.

Electrokinesis: Victor Grey can produce, and absorb electricity. He is able to use it in an offensive, or defensive manner.

Summon Rain: Victor Grey can summon rain from the skies.

Mind Shield: Victor Grey can block most psychic attacks, with the exception of advanced psychics, or if he allows them.

Odinsforge (Destroyed)

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Origin: The Odinsforge is an Asgardian hammer, made specifically for Victor, which possesses numerous capabilities. It can only be lifted by an asgardian.


Summon Hammer: Victor Grey can summon his Odinsforge hammer regardless of distance or location.

Elemental Control: Victor Grey is able to control absorb and produce the four elements of Fire, Ice, Water and Electricity using the Odinsforge.

Flight: Victor Grey can fly using his Odinsforge hammer by throwing it while holding on.

Project Energy Blast: In addition to projecting the elements, Victor can use the Odinsforge to produce energy blasts that range in power depending on Victor's wishes.

Energy Sensing: Odinsforge can detect all types of energies

Erect Force-field: Is able to erect a powerful Force-field which can shield him, or the intended target from harm. The Force-field can shield from from very powerful blows.

CVnU History

War of The Gods

Doomwar Part Two: Godfall