Female characters that could satiate Hunger's "hunger"...

If you haven't "met" Hunger yet, I highly recommend reading Ghost #6 (vol.1) first, but here's a brief character description:

"Hunger's particular paranormal power hyperstimulates your limbic system to the point that your dopamine levels dramatically increase resulting in an instant sexual addiction, in other words, your libido shoots up through the roof against your will!!!"

So, besides Ghost (and maybe even "The tomato girl" for a couple of minutes),

Which other superheroine or bad girl would give Hunger "peace"?

NOTE TO READERS: Possible offensive comments due to the misogynistic nature of Hunger.

List items

  • The one woman that gave Hunger what he wanted most.

  • As Elisa Cameron's (a.k.a. Ghost) sister, Margo's the first candidate that could fulfill Hunger's desires.

  • Barbara Gordon as ORACLE should be an authentic "treat" for Hunger... Even more so if we remember that he too was confined to a wheelchair... How far could Hunger go with a disabled person?

  • She's your regular "no talk girl" with an attitude, so she has the potential to become Hunger's favorite.

  • OK, I'm curious about who'd win this one... Hunger using his power to stimulate Jean's brain to get hold of her sexual desires or Jean trying to control Hunger's mind to stop?

  • Should be an interesting challenge for Hunger... What would happen if Rogue absorbed Hunger's power after physical contact? It seems to me it'd be a win-win situation for Hunger anyhow... =D

  • Oh my... The voluptuous, sadistic goddess would definitively satiate Hunger's "hunger" but, Is he capable of stimulating the sexual drive of a woman who's already dead?