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Had potential... but ultimately let down 0

(Spoilers about)So here we are. Eddie Brock's last temptation and from the looks of it, we were going to be given a treat of a story... the true end of Eddie. This little two-part series had the makings of greatness-- In which it did-- until the end. What was so captivating about #38 was the fact that Eddie was facing his ultimate demon: Venom in his head. Eddie's cancer ridden body can't hold on for too much longer and what better way to go out with a bang than to kill Aunt May which lay right ...

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Very Disappointing 0

(Spoilers abound)I agree with Mondago a hundred percent. In a series about the "Incredible Hulk," don't you think it would be wise to actually have a story about HIM and not his two whiny friends? Rick Jones is by all means a classic Marvel character, but they portray him as a little girl. I do not understand this.The in house fighting between Miek and Mung is ridiculously placed and drawn so pact together you're not really sure what's going on. I think Mung stabbed a hive guy, which there are f...

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Glorious 0

(spoilers abound)I was expecting a major scuffle between these two (Kingpin and Spidey) with Spider-Man coming out victorious like always, but what we got instead was an good old fashioned beat down from web-head. 80% of this comic is Spider-Man kicking the loving crap out of Fisk and it couldn't be sweeter. The rage, anger, and vengeance that Peter feels is on full display thanks to the writing of Michael Straczynski.When Peter takes off his costume to beat down Fisk, I honestly thought he migh...

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Ben and Sally diggin' fer the truth! 0

I really enjoyed the Front Line series during the Civil War and the World War Hulk saga is no different. It's nice to see the action through the eyes of civilians and what it might be like for the common man. All the Front Line comics have emphasized intricate story lines that never seem to get old. I was a little worried about WWH: Front Line #1 as it seemed to have introduced too many story lines, but #2 seems to thin these out and help understand a little more of what's going on.The thing I l...

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One of the best story lines around. 1

I can't say enough about the writer of this comic. With each Captain America entry, it keeps getting better and better. Without Captain America around, one has to wonder just how long this current title can keep going. The aftermath of Cap's death has unleashed a series of events that could be in the making of a Marvel classic campaign. I just hope they follow through with the story lines and don't let them sputter into cliche territory.The artwork is very realistic and it helps pull things toge...

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Nice little 2-shot 0

(Spoilers Abound)I think it's safe to say we all knew Ghost Rider wasn't going to be the one to take down the Hulk. The Rider's series only last for two comics inside th WWH saga, but it still was fun and interesting to see what would unfold.I was a little surprised at the destruction that took place in the tussle between these two. Let's add this up shall we?1 sky-scraper completely destroyed - check1 subway car pulled through from the underground - check1 gigantic hole in the ground from Hulk ...

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Green giant gone ape crazy... again 0

(Spoilers Abound)So after smashing the blot out of Black Bolt's head and putting a well deserved fist into Iron Man's face, we are treated to yet another segment of the Hulk kicking tail and taking names. This time, the writers have upped the anti for vengeance as the Hulk takes on just about every Super Human known to man. Face smashing, buildings crashes, and pure rage all ensue.Some of the highlights of the comic are when the Hulk takes his cousin, She-Hulk, and slams her straight through the...

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A Darker side of Web-Head 0

(Spoilers abound)As I wait and wait and wait and wait and wait for #542 to grace us with it's presence, I'm left wondering just how far Spidey will go. In this issue we get to see Peter Parker in turmoil like never before. Aunt May is hanging on with whatever she can and Parker is on a course headed straight for self-destruction. With the Kingpin twisting the knife in Spider-Man's back, you can't help but wonder how far the writers are going to take this.At the end of the civil war, I knew there...

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Don't get Hulk angry. 1

On the eve of World War Hulk #2 coming out, I took another look at #1 and relived the greatness that is the green giant. We always knew the Hulk was a powerful being, but not up there with the greatest of greats! I guess when this is all said and done, we'll now be able to confirm that Hulk is indeed one of the strongest beings in the comic universe.As for the story telling, The Outsider said it best: Straight out of the gate, we get action and then some. To see the Hulk smash Black Bolt and the...

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Very strong emotional comic. 1

In the light of everything that's happened to Peter during and after the civil war, his life is coming to all time boiling point. With Aunt May on the death bed and Captain America gone, Peter feels as though his world is falling apart... and maybe it is.(spoilers abound)The whole graveyard scene was very brilliantly drawn and portrayed. You could feel Spider-man's sadness come through the pages. As for having the Rhino show up "visiting his mother" was a little odd, but it was nice to see an ol...

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