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Asian Super-Men

As the title suggests. Still a work in progress.

This list only includes East and Southeast Asian male characters (including those with mixed heritage), and does not have any South Asian men. All male characters included fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Superheroes and supervillains, or persons with superhuman powers
  2. Relations of superheroes/supervillains (e.g. family members, allies, mentors etc.)
  3. Members of law enforcement organizations

These characters are also their mainstream universe comic-book incarnations; so don't expect any alternate-universe versions or other media versions (e.g. films, TV, video-games etc.) Exceptions will be made for notable alternate-universes, however (e.g. Ultimate Marvel or Earth-2).

You'll notice an overwhelming amount of samurais, sumos, ninjas, martial-arts-senseis and other awkward Japanese/Asian racial caricatures. Believe me, there's a seaaaaaa of lame Asian male characters in the world of superhero comics...

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