Team 1 VS Team 2

Team 1: Venom (Flash) and Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

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Scarlet Spider #7
Scarlet Spider #7

Team 2: Spider-man and Scarlet Spider (Ben)

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- Bloodlust On

- No prep

- Kaine gets his costume

- Flash gets an AK-47 and two hand guns

-Pete gets his web shooters

- Ben gets his standard equipment (impact webbing, etc)

Fight takes place here:

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Venom (Flash Thompson) vs Sabretooth

Fight takes place in Agent Venom's headquarters

Both are bloodlusted

Agent Venom, has his usual equipment (AK-47, knock out gas, combat knives)

Sabretooth has no Adamantium

Venom is willing to "Venom Out" if needed.

Who wins?

Venom #2 - Tony Moore
Venom #2 - Tony Moore
Wolverine #3
Wolverine #3
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