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Vel'aaru out of her armor.
Vel'aaru out of her armor.
Hood up, faceplate down.
Hood up, faceplate down.
  • Name: Vel'aaru
  • Aliases: Voidling
  • Origin: Alien
  • Gender: Monogendered Species
  • Species: Illian (of the southern Thorn sector)
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Weight: 132lbs.
  • Measurements: 33-26-32
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Hair: Brown
  • Age: 23
  • Transportation: Teleportation
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Sexuality: Non-Applicable, considering the differences in illian sexual build in comparison to humans.

Physical Description:

With a bit of a disguise, Vel'aaru could easily pass for human. If, y'know, it wasn't for...

  • her five-foot prehensile tail,
  • the four flesh-colored horns crowning her head,
  • the clan-markings beneath her eyes,
  • her light violet eyes,
  • an additional joint at the bottom of the leg (similar to that of a hooved biped),
  • her long, two-toed, flipper-like feet,
  • and her sky-blue blood.

She has a slender, girlish figure, with skin a nearly inhuman shade of white. It is indisputable, however, that she is an excellent physical specimen, with slightly-enhanced agility and strength that belies her alien nature.

While less immediately apparent, Vel'aaru is able to speak every living language, and possibly some others. However, she speaks all of them with a very noticeable accent of unknown origin.

Vel'aaru in her very durable battle gear, providing an extra layer of protection in extreme combat situations.
Vel'aaru in her very durable battle gear, providing an extra layer of protection in extreme combat situations.


'Exuberant' does not do the girl justice. After leaving the Xag-yg Academy it was encouraged for the girl to use her newfound skills to take a military position, or another high-importance task within her own mysterious alien government. Vel'aaru, however, would have none of it. Stealing a craft for a joyride, the illian sped towards Earth in search of adventure, not knowing that it was the type of playground she could not have possibly prepared for.

Through her past adventures, which included extensive torture, Vel'aaru has become somewhat hardened. While she retains a light-hearted attitude in non-dire situations, she is now much more adept at "getting serious" when the situation demands it. Her combat experience has increased greatly -- and unlike other illians, she has become aware of her own mortality.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment:

Illea from afar.
Illea from afar.

Vel'aaru's natural illian abilities are negligible, though her body does have some minor differences to that of a standard human. Her muscles are longer, denser, and more pliable, and her tendons show an impressive flexibility. These attributes allow her to emulate the physical fitness of a low-level human athlete (such as a Pilates instructor), though in all other respects she is a teenage girl. In fact, due to a lack of immunities built up to everyday terran bacteria, she has to take special precautions to not become very ill from the smallest infections or viruses.

Vel'aaru's strengths come from the things she studied at the Xag-yg Academy, which included a wide variety of Cosmic Occultism and advanced alien technology. While she was nowhere near the top of her class (missing several of them), the basic knowledge of an illian college-girl is enough to lay waste to a small human nation without contestation.

Looking a thousand years back in human history, the level of standard intelligence and technology has vastly changed. A millennium ago, only the best and brightest could read and write. Mathematics were for only the most learned scholars. Trebuchets and greek fire were the pinnacles of mankind's invention.

Today, however, even twelve-year-old children can do long division, and a hand-me-down Gameboy is infinitely more advanced than the most astonishing marvels of days past.

Vel'aaru being fabulous.
Vel'aaru being fabulous.

Vel'aaru is, to us now, as we were to the mankind of a thousand years past. She may just be a college girl, but she can create an atomic bomb the way a normal child may create a switchboard, and takes courses in Cosmic Occultism techniques the way a normal college kid may take Calc 2.

Among the CosOcc and tech abilities Vel has shown are:

  • Teleportation.
  • Void Armor.
  • Subjective Environment.
  • Various other Void structures, such as Void Shield.
  • The ability to use Void energy to swallow or shift things.
  • Hypnotism and telepathy techniques, including the ability to make someone's mind intangible.
  • Access to a nearly unlimited well of information from her handheld.
  • Hammerspace (which is capable of even holding massive objects like a space shuttle).
  • Mental hardening against illusions and empathic interference.
  • Her handheld "fleshwarper" melts meat with intended effect, and can be used to heal, destroy, or otherwise shape flesh.
  • Her zarah'daz has intangible talons as well as fully-automatic beam attacks that pass through inorganic matter.
  • Her Disruptor Spear, which is capable of doing immense amounts of damage to even very durable opponents, such as Kallak and Imperium infantry.
  • The ability to, with time, replicate any item from memory through energy sequence conversion.

She also has a ship known as The d'Aubigny, named after the french folk heroine Julie d'Aubigny.


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  • Lust: 4
  • Envy: 4
  • Gluttony: 1
  • Sloth: 5
  • Wrath: 4
  • Avarice: 1
  • Pride: 2


Vel'aaru = vell-ARR-oo

Illea = ill-AY-ah

Illian = ILL-ee-an

Zarah'daz = zarr-ah-DAZZ


Time with Lady Liberty:

  • Vel'aaru crash-lands on Earth, specifically New York City, where she is noticed by Vitus and confused for another. He sets on her trail.
  • Vel'aaru meets with Lady Liberty and Firebird, and teams up with them for no apparent reason.
  • Along with the help of her two new friends, Vel'aaru manages to semi-permanently destroy Vitus.
  • Vel'aaru, Lady Liberty, and Firebird teleport to Gothic City.
  • Vel'aaru starts teaching Lady Liberty the Void Shield technique, and scavenges a few new weapons from the remains of her shuttle.
  • The duo are tracked down by Kallak and a small army -- he is eventually defeated and killed by a combination of Lady Liberty's melee combat skill, and an improvised "Hypnotic Void" technique from Vel'aaru. After he is killed, she uses her fleshwarper to destroy the majority of his face and brain.
  • Vel'aaru and Lady Liberty teleport to Bermuda.
  • Deciding to steal an Imperium ship, the pair teleport to another hiding place and prepare.
  • Vel'aaru and Lady Liberty hijack a spaceworthy Imperium shuttle.
  • After an encounter with Malicia, the pair manage to put the menace down and reach Illea.
  • Vel'aaru is put on a short probation for her crimes, but is also made an ambassador.
  • Vel'aaru is captured by Mi'ane and tortured aboard an Imperium ship.
  • After several weeks, she escapes, cocooning herself in Void energy and teleporting herself to Earth, where she is found by Lady Liberty and the POTUS, Anthony Stark. A meeting is scheduled in space for when Vel'aaru recovers, and she scavenges some tech to begin her healing process.
  • Vel'aaru finishes healing and recreates several gadgets with an energy sequence converter. She requests a meeting with Stark.
  • Anthony Stark goes MIA and is presumed dead. The meeting never occurs. Vel'aaru and Lady Liberty grow distant, and the traumatized illian goes her own way.

Time on Eeogiex:

  • Vel is not allowed to become an official ambassador due to her lack of information.
  • She meets Haven, getting her autograph.
  • After a brief firefight at the Flesh Fair, Vel and Haven rescue the captive korellian Sapphire, and disable an Imperium Hand unit.

Time on Battleworld:

  • Vel'aaru hears The Inevitable's broadcast across the galaxy. Making the decision to win the tournament and kill him, she teleports to Battleworld, meeting Xundar.
  • After demonstrating her skills, Xundar gives her a place in the tournament. She gets a room and uses her replicator to recreate her Void Soul instructionals, and begins to study once again.
  • Vel'aaru does battle with Quietus, defeating him very easily. She then proceeds to fight several other matches, never losing one.
  • The Superior Sapien is mysteriously teleported to Battleworld and forced to fight. His foe? Vel'aaru herself.
  • Winning her fight with some difficulty, Vel'aaru finds herself biologically called home to Illea and is forced to abandon her quest. She spends the next few years there undergoing The Crawling, a rite of passage, long meditation, and service to her people.

Back to Earth:

  • Now having completed The Crawling, the illean ambassador returns to Earth, the last place she felt at peace. Not with a specific goal in mind, not to conquer or kill, but simply to find some measure of solace, away from alien warlords and the lurking threat of the Imperium -- back to a place that has its own problems to deal with.