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This is my ideal X-force team :)

List items

  • Sage would be the team telepath and then the communications officer as well as the hacker who would help the team to penetrate the computer defenses of the target.

  • Every team of killers needs a "Wolverine", and if that can even control the minds of others with pheromones is still better, isn't it?

  • With her new vampire powers she would be perfect as a member of X-force, because she would be an excellent spy(she can become mist however) as well as an excellent killer.

  • Lethal and evil, if the X-Men managed to carry it on their side he would be perfect for X-Force.

  • Every team needs a transport too, and Magik is the best there is. And she is also a magician and an excellent swordsman. And, more importantly, she's not afraid to kill.

  • Telepath and skilled swordsman, Mr.X would be the perfect mercenary for X-Force for hire.