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  • One of the most powerful telepath on the Earth, on the same level of Professor X. She has always used her telepathic powers to obtain what she needed and, unlike other psychics, she has been shown to use her powers for matter not really "ethical", like mental control or memory manipulation, and she is an expert of "psychic surgery". She has established that sometimes ability is better than pure power.

  • Certainly one of the most powerful telepath in the MU. He is an expert of every form of telepathy but he rarely use it to harm or control other because of his ethical principles, but he has shown that he can do it if he wants.

  • Telepathic and telekinethic ninja, Betsy has had a variable power level but her distinctive signature is her "psionic blade", a blade made of pure psychic power that can be used to hurt others on a psychic level, making her one of the most lethal killer ever.

  • Famous for being one of the most powerful mutants and for being an avatar of the Phoenix Porce, Jean has shown some of the most impressive telepathic feats ever. Maybe she is the strongest telepath ever.

  • Emma's clones, these sisters are one of the strongest telepathic mind. They have shown a great amount of power and ability for their age and they have hosted the Phoenix Force and kept a sliver of the Phoenix in thei diamond hearts for a little time. They are also called "The Three-In-One" because of their hive mind.

  • Cyclop's and Jean's daughter from another timeline. She is an omega level mutant and a telepath with and enormous potential. She has hosted the Phoenix a loto of times and she has shown the same power levels of her mother Jean.

  • A bully, a rebel, an irriverent genius, Quentin has a huge telepathic powers but he often use them for evil purposes. He can rival with Professor X and Emma Frost in terms of power and he could host the Phoenix.

  • Cosmic level telepath, Moondragon is the counterpart of the Dragon of the Moon, a demon of great power. She used her telepathy to portentous level, even managing to enthrall Thor.

  • The Celestial Madonna, Mantis has enormous powers of telepathy, precognition, pyrokinesis and biopathy and she is one of the best martial artists of the MU, one of the primary telepaths of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Russian dog, he has gained powers from cosmic rays. He possesses these mental powers to defeat an evil version of the Hulk in just a moment.

  • Before being depowered, X-Man, Cyclops and Jean's son from a parallel reality, had levels of power that rivaled those of the Dark Phoenix itself and he was made of pure psychic energy.

  • Japanese mutant able to possess the bodies of other people with low levels of telepathy, Karma was one of the New Mutants and she was their primary telepathic member.

  • Brain without a real body, Martah has got really impressive telepathic powers - but not on the same level of the previous ones - and in an occasion she has defeated Emma Frost while she was in her diamond form. She is also able to cancel the powers of other.

  • Seer with powers of prescience, clairvoyance, retro-cognition and low telepathy. Emma Frost could not read her mind.