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battle of hulks 0

Wow your kidding right a hulked out Captain America fighting a hulked out Wolverine, awesome. Hulk anger mixed with Wolvie's already angry attitude ahhh man  Well now let me start by saying i havnt read hardly any of the world war hulks but a super gamma powered Wolverine and Captain America brawling who doesnt want to see that. I had to read them. the gamma wolvie looks awesome and very close to what i thought wolvie's mutant powers should have progressed into, hairy and animal looking. I also ...

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This book starts off  by the telling of Jack The Ripper's reign of terror in the 1880s.  It stated that Jack The Ripper murdered at least six women and just disappeared without being caught. Then over one hundred years later the murders start back and they show hints that Wolverine may be the killer. Showing shadows of Wolvie at the murders and saying that they found bone fragments in the wounds. After the fifth murder, Gambit flies to London to investigate because he knew the victim. There is a...

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