Powers, Abilities and Weaknesses

It's been quite a long time since I've done any RPGing but I do remember much about Vaughn. This blog is dedicated to laying out his powers, abilities and weaknesses for my newfound fellow RPGers to see.


Vaughn is a master of the pyrokinetic arts but unlike other pyrokinetic prodigies he controls and channels Black Hellfire from the very core of his undead being. With this power Vaughn can shoot streams of fire from his fingertips, fists, palms and legs. 
He can also create rings, arches, bows, arrows, bombs, balls, whips, disks, shields, pillars and walls. In addition; he can breathe flames, generate and manipulate lightning (depending on certain circumstances), redirect and augment heat at will and can jet propel himself across the ground or through the sky at high speeds by conjuring large amounts of fire from his hands.


Regeneration is considered the most powerful of Vaughn's abilities as it makes him impervious to "death" via "normal" physical and metaphysical attacks but does not protect him from the pain felt when these types of attacks are administered, making him easy to incapacitate if he is hit hard enough. His rate of regeneration depends on how severe his injuries are. If his body has been dismembered, it can take up to a month for him to fully restore himself.

Blessings of Tzeentch

When he came into the service of the Dark God Tzeentch, Lord of Change, Vaughn was given a set of unique artifacts, all of which were empowered by Tzeentch himself and given to Vaughn to help him overcome his weaknesses and evolve beyond his station as a Spirit of Vengeance. These artifacts are:

Stylish and Effective
Stylish and Effective


One of Vaughn's greatest weaknesses has always been the brittleness of his bones and how easily they are shattered by stronger opponents as well as his inability to defend himself from mystical, energy and elemental attacks. 
To ensure his new Agent is no longer so easily defeated in combat, Tzeentch has bequeathed unto Vaughn The Raiment of Entropic Reflection.
When worn, The Raiment surrounds Vaughn's entire body with two types of energy shields: The first dramatically reduces the effectiveness of any and all physical attacks used on Vaughn no matter how powerful the opponent is. 
The second reflects mystical, energy and elemental based attacks onto the user. However, the Raiment's defensive abilities are not entirely full-proof and can be bypassed, if certain conditions are met.

 Family Heirloom
 Family Heirloom


This ancient heirloom originally belonged to Vaughn's Clan until his ancestor, Orion Vivec, went missing with it in The Black Galaxy while searching for the Chthonic entity who kidnapped his wife. 
It was apparently found by Tzeentch and has been returned to the last Vivec Male who, despite being undead, still walks the Earth and converses with the living as well as those who are beyond such concepts.
Thanks to an ancient mystical technique known only to The Dark Gods, The Signet Ring has the ability to store an infinite number of items such as The Raiment of Entropic Reflection and The Healers Masque in another dimension that is directly linked to The Signet Ring.
The Signet Ring also gives Vaughn the ability to command various fighting styles from the school of martial arts without any hindrances, it also increases his reaction time and speed. 
However, if Vaughn is not using his Signet Ring in close-combat battle (be it ground or aerial) then all of the blessings become inactive and are replaced by a single "rainy day" ability that, so long as Tzeentch deems it necessary, allows Vaughn to summon the Thousand Sons Legionnaires, but if such a desperate action is not required then the Signet Ring becomes nothing more than a unique storage device.


Need Medical Assistance?
Need Medical Assistance?


When donned, The Healers Masque physically transforms Vaughn from an undead killer into a living saint and gives him the ability to access the strong healing powers he possessed while he was alive.
While in "Medic Form", as it is commonly known, Vaughn loses all access to his offensive abilities but allows him to keep the shields granted by the Raiment of Entropic Reflection and his regeneration factor intact so that he can heal his comrades without having to worry about attackers too much.
In addition, Vaughn's weaknesses flip around while he remains in Medic Form. For instance, where Vaughn was once weak against White Magic attacks, he is now weak against Black Magic attacks.
Medic Form also changes Vaughn's personality and makes him kinder, more compassionate and caring towards others, especially his patients.
The reason for the existence of this personality change is so that Vaughn will be more willing to ensure the safety and security of Tzeentch's other followers, thus keeping his armies strong, healthy and always ready for battle.


 By Tzeentch's will alone, I strip myself of one form and take another.
 By Tzeentch's will alone, I strip myself of one form and take another.
In exchange for such power, Vaughn gave his very being to Tzeentch. His form, his personality, everything about him can change on a whim. He is a non-entity, a living sculpture whose Sculptor is constantly re-sculpting him in the blink of an eye. This sometimes means loss of power, therefore leaving Vaughn completely incapable of defending himself from non-lethal attacks. 
He does, however, have weaknesses which stay with him regardless of how Tzeentch has changed him, the most prominent weakness being the power of White Magic, a price he paid for casting his status as a Healer aside and becoming a Zugaikotsu following his tragic death in the land of the living.
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