Need help with an intruging storyline:

 Wolverine: The Best Hope There Is  
     I am a Marvel Zombie, but one thing really bugs me is the plot device of the Citadel of Light and Shadow. I was thinking of ways it could be molded into a plot device that would allow not only for more stories, but for deeper, more complex, and awesomer ideas.  The device first rehires it's ugly head in "Uncanny X-Men Annual 11" and is used in several other storylines from there on, making it a big part of the Kree background (as well the skrull's background, but of the last ten years largly ignored). 
     Another thing is that really annoys me is the constant use of storylines in fiction that have evolution as a liner concept, that if a charater devoloves that the charater will turn into a monkey; or if that charater gets evloved they change into a big brian thing.  As a fan of Darwinan Evolution, I feel that that plot device is a basterization of the concept of evolution as that of suggesting that Creationism is a serous contender against Darwian Evolution.  Tangent done.
     I was thinking evolve the trial of the Citadel of Light and Shadow to be a judgment of a species overall soceity.  That their societies would or will be able in the future to put aside their discriminatory ideals and except change.  This idea would go in line of what has been in the skrull who kill there mutant offspring and the kree who jail people (eg. Bug - Annihilation Conquest) for sleeping with their species. 
    So I was thinking that a main charater in this concept (not neccearlly the main charater in the story) will be Logan, due to the fact that he was the one who faced the trial of the Cidital of Ligh and Shadow.  The fact of making Logan the center piece also allows for a concept of why his healing powers have dramaticlly incressed through out recent comics.  As well, why he is hell of a lot more active.
   Futher more, the use of Logan as the center piece make a clearer conncetion between homo speices of earth: Homosapian, Homosuperior, Homo Eternal, Homo Deviant, Homo mermanus, Homo Changling.
  From there I kind of lost it.  I think that it should involve Norr Vell who is the one who reviles the Kree's misconception of their retarded evolution.  I just don't know where to start.
  Any ideas.