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When Extreme Mismatches Become Epic:The Amazing Spider-Man #5 2

So if you look at the cover, you can already see Doom's talkin sh#t. Why? Because he knows Spider-Man is no match for him and Spider-Man knows it as well. This is one of those issues where Spider-Man is just on top of his game. First of all, I don't really get why Doom, tried to get into combat with Spider-Man but Spider-Man had some real tricks up his sleeve. This comic have some of the most creative uses of webbing I have seen in a comic.I don't know if scientifically they really work but they...

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New Power Man Tops Luke Cage: Shadowland-Power Man #2 0

This is exactly what you want from a second issue. This mini is coming to a close but it was packed with action. I like the New Power Man..way better than Luke Cage. I like that he's not so cliche. I like the fact he has an actual costume and that he is a formidable opponent for both Cage and Iron Fist. I like that his dialouge and back story are well written. They don't seem like the usual forced "White Man writing for a Black character" lines. I like the fact that there is history between Cage...

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America's Favorite Batgirl=Harley: Harley Quinn #10 1

This is one of my favorite issues in the entire series because it really shows what Harley can do. She is an amazing acrobat. Probably only rivaling Grayson and she's not a bad fighter either. I loved her fight with Cassandra and Drake. That was Epic. I also love Dodson's art work in the book. He is simply amazing on female characters. His Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are the best i've seen for bother characters. She even looks good as Batgirl. In this comic she dresses up like Babs and the Bat-F...

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Namor is the Voice of Reason?: Adam-The Legend of Blue Marvel #4 0

So in this comic Anti-Man is still a problem and the Mighty Avengers can't beat him.It puzzles me as to why nobody else in the Marvel U is coming to help but I have to assume it's so Big Blue can defeat him.There is no other explanation.The level of damag Anti-Man was willing to do would obviously attracted more heroes. Now Blue Marvel is shown fighting Namor on the cover but that's not what happens. Namor tries to give Adam some advice, and that weirded me out because he's always been seen as t...

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The New Marvel Knights: Shadowland-Blood on the Streets #1 1

I was excited for this book when I saw the cover. I couldn't wait to see Silver Sable and Misty Knight back doing something but I was disappointed in this first issue. For a event that isn't very long, Shadowland is moving way to slow for me. Nothing really happens in this comic. They show these characters as a team but at this point they really aren't. Silver Sable is the only character that does anything aside from Paladin shooting Shroud. I don't know where this book is going but it just seem...

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The Team to Beat: Avengers-The Children's Crusade #1 1

This has been what I have been waiting for with this team.Their team-ups with the Runaways got old and their book getting taken over by another team was pretty weak too.I'm hoping to see some feats in issues to come.I'm in dire need of some credible showings from these characters. I like that they are finally handling the Scarlet Witch situation.I understand why they didn't go at it sooner.If this had happened during Dark Reign or Siege it would have been awful.Seeing speed though reminds me tha...

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So Where's the Action?: Age of Heroes #2 0

So basically Marvel is taking all the characters they pretty much forgot about and putting them in one book.The problem is they are only giving them a few pages an issue.If you like any of these characters don't bother buying this book.You get intrigued by the cover and then you read it and nothing happens.When I say nothing I mean nothing.If you don't read this book you will have missed almost nothing in relation to the storyline of these characters.This book pretty much says..."Hey this is whe...

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America <3's Booster Gold: 52 Week 2 0

This is one of my favorite issues of 52 because it's heavy with Booster Gold. There is more of that arrogance, self-centeredness and flashy antics I love. The comic kicks of with some crap about the Dibney's that they were trying to express in the last comic with Ralph about to blow his noodles all over the room. I didn't like all that the comic does however go straight into what Booster Gold is doing right afterwards and then not to long after it cuts over to Renee Montoya in bed with a woman. ...

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Stop Mocking Me Marvel:Superhero Squad #8 4

This comic reminds me that Marvel is bothering to reach out to an audience that doesn't read comics. I know this isn't for adults but I read this crap anyway just so I could b#tch about it. First of all Falcon is only on the team because of affirmative action.He's the token.He's the Luke Cage of the Superhero Squad.Also if you read this comic you'll realize how insignificant he is to the team.And how he could be be useful..all he can do is fly.What is with this fractals nonsense? It's like Inuya...

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DC Action: 52 Week 1 0

After Reading 52 in full I realized that the first issue is one of my favorites. Right in the opening we get to see some quality Booster Gold. I liked the character before reading this but reading 52 in full make me like him even more. They really take his narcissism to another level in this comic. It kind of exposes a flaw in the character. He never seems to care to much about what's going on until it's too late.He's always so worried about promoting himself and people knowing who he is. I foun...

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No More Mister Nice Devil: Shadowland #1 2

Ok first of all let me say, I love the art direction. Billy Tan is perfect for Shadowland. Second of all the ending was a long time coming. Daredevil killing Bullseye was the best ending to this book I could have dreamed of. For the most part this was as good as a first issue could possibly be. They let you know who the players where, they set up the first issue and the issues to come and we got some action in there. So Shadowland is basically a huge prison for Daredevil and the Hand's targets. ...

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The Death of Sentry:Siege Epilogue-The Sentry-Fallen Son 1

If you've read this, then you know this is garbage. They finally did it. They finally killed off the Sentry and it sucks.They did nothing but diminish the character of Sentry since he became an Avenger and now everyone's going to act like they are all sad? They some how added Rouge in this in some weird back story we never knew of.Are they desperate to spread her around or what? When I saw this cover and the figure was blacked out. I knew it was Sentry. He's the only Avenger that could die after...

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Poor Little Firestar: Firestar #4 0

So, basically I found out this existed after reading Marvel Divas.If you haven't read it..tough because i'm spoiling it.Firestar gets cancer.I guess if Microwaves have something to do with your powers you won't be safe for long? Well Angelica has had quite a tough break and even before the cancer thing she had it pretty rough. This comic is the last in the series but throughout the series it took us back to the beginning of her origin. She was pretty much the female version of Peter Parker..peop...

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WTF is this? Nightcrawler #1 0

I don't get it.What is this? Why did the writer think it was ok to make this.Apparently Nightcrawler gets trapped in a fairy tale created by Kitty Pryde in an issue of X-men. The a bunch of crap starts happening. There's pirates and an anamorphic shark just gets stupid. If the cover doesn't give away that this book sucks prepare to read the worst comic you ever touched. Nightcrawler doesn't do anything heroic in the entire book. He barely even uses his powers. oh and if you think that fi...

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Is This All the Love You Got For Him-Wonder Man vol.2 #1 0

Ok,I read this miniseries in it's entirety to try and gain some more understanding of Wonder Man and his such luck.If you've seen the cover art..let me tell you.The inside doesn't get any better.It's the same crappy art for the inside and out the entire way through.So if you're someone like me who respects good art..DO NOT READ THIS.In this comic we meet a character named Ladykiller whom Wonder Man tries to change into a good character.I won't spoil what happens to her just in case yo...

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The New Warriors Ain't Havin' It-Avengers-The Initative #29 0

This was a really good book.I like where this is going.I'm curious to see how Norman taking over the Initiative is going to pan out.It seems the Hood &amp; Taskmaster are just lackeys at this point and further solicits almost suggest that Taskmaster will be joining the Dark Illuminati or Cabal.I like this new Avengers Resistance,but not so much what they did to Komodo.That sucks.Sure she's extra smart and all that and could still help the team but now that she's in a wheelchair I forsee alot of ...

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He's Still Alive?:Dark Reign-M.O.D.O.K #1 2

I don't know why I picked this up but I did and it sucks.I don't like the character anyway and I should have known but I bought it anyway to have all the Dark Reign tie-ins.This comic is terrible.The art sucks,the dialogue attempts to be funny and it's not and the whole premise behind it is lame.Also I was under the impression Iron Man killed M.O.D.O.K so i'm pissed he's getting a tie-in.He goes to a High school reunion for god sakes! M.O.D.O.K went to high school? Is he even a person? They let ...

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It's Jessi B#tch!:Spider-Woman-Agent of S.W.O.R.D #1 0

I didn't actually read the comic.I have the motion comic version and I have to say it wasn't bad.I'm not to fond of the voice overs though.I couldn't tell if Jessica has a New York accent or a British Accent.It sounded like both lol.Anyway,in this comic we see the beginning of Jessica's affiliation with S.W.O.R.D.Agent Brand blames herself for what happened to her with the whole Secret Invasion and Queen Veranke thing and offers her a job at S.W.O.R.D.I believe she is in bed when Spider-Man come...

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Meet Master Murdock-Daredevil #500 2 coming into this I had just read Captain America #600 and #601 and I must say they were slightly disappointing.As a huge DD fan,I want to hope the best for this but Brubaker wrote both so anything could happen (I like Brubaker's work though).Now The cover is absolutely amazing.I bought 2 copies of the Variant and one of the original cover.The artwork in DD has been consistently good throughout his career.The cover through me off a little bit though because I thought everyone on the cover ...

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LockJaw n'em ASSEMBLE!: Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers #1 0

Now,I was a bit skeptical coming into this book because this seems like another one of those gimmick books like Marvel Apes or Marvel Zombies,but actually this book is very well written and after reading 3 issues..I have yet to see any bad art.So basically what it is is Lockjaw has a task and he needs help doing it so he assembles a team of superhero pets like him.They are so cute with their little animal adventures,fighting T-rex's and what not.  I would definitely recommend buying this and the...

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Morgana Gets the Last Laugh:Dark Avengers #2 0

Ok,Dark Avengers #2 was a very exciting comic for me.I am a huge fan of anything Avengers and this comic just reassured me.The way everyone is being portrayed is really good.I like how Norman is acting more like Tony did when he was Director of a real leader.I love how everyone else is taking the roles of other characters but are still themselves.I also enjoyed the humor in this book.First with Victoria Hand offering to replace Venom with D-Man,a homeless superhero and then wi...

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Dragons,The Brood,and Venus luvs Sentry:Agents of Atlas #1 1

Ok..this was a pretty good issue.I actually like this team.It's a good an diverse roster of characters.I rather enjoyed the fighting in the comic..the Agents work very well as a team.I cannot say their is anyone on this team I don't like..even Gorrilla-Man (and I am usually opposed to animal characters..especially apes).I still feel like I didn't get enough from the first issue.I don't know where it's going..what's in store for issue two.The Agents seem to be making some type of deal with Osborn...

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The Uncanny X-Men # 501-Hardcore Pixie 1

Well I must say from the beginning I wasn't a big fan of Pixie so when 501 came out and I knew it was going to be a storyline involving Pixie.I had my doubts about it. This comic seemed to be like a start over for the X-men. Like they are returning to being the X-men team that I always enjoyed.So the team has relocated to San Francisco in their new base which will possibly be there new permanent home.I never cared to much about where any teams base was,nor do I think there was a great reason to ...

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