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Siege Theory

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Whenever there is a new event in Marvel I make one of these blogs to kind of give my opinions on what I think will happen during the event and here what other people have to say about it.It's more or less a prediction thread for people to get out their ideas about what they believe will happen based on what we've seen in the previous events.Here are the other ones....  
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So now I will make my first predictions. 
Dark Avengers 
A.They will replace Ares.I think Ares will leave the team and join the Secret Warriors so he can be with his son.Plus Siege will go into Asgard and I don't think Ares wants to be against Thor. 
B.Thor vs. Sentry (World War Hulk style).I think there is going to be an instance that comes down to a showdown.None of the Dark Avengers can really take Thor.I think Norman will send Sentry at him and Thor will ultimately get the win but it will be an epic fight. 
New Avengers\Mighty Avengers\Avenger Resistance\Young Avengers 
A.The Avengers whom are beyond the law and aren't legally able to be Avengers will be one team.Cuts will be made. 
B.The Mighty & New Avengers will get new Rosters.
C.The Avengers Resistance which is essentially the New Warriors anyway...will just be the New Warriors. 
D.The Young Avengers will have the Vision as a member a new Member but also gain a new member.My guess would be Thor Girl.She's not going to work for Osborn.  
This is all I have so far.Anyone else got any input?