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I Want My Araña Back!


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Marvel, YOU OWE ME ONE! I sat there and read all of your garbage events although I knew half way through that they would suck. I gave you my money along with everyone else and with that you can still exist. If you don't know, Marvel used to have a hispanic superhero, called  Araña. She was a fairly unique character until she was depowered in Ms.Marvel and she later became Earth-616's Spider-Girl. I first of all feel like it was detrimental to May Parker (the real Spider-Girl) because she's been the only Spider-Girl we knew for years. Even in other universes like Earth-9997 when Spider-Girl appears, it's May. Now you have Anya Corazon running around in Julia Carpenter's old costume with no unique abilities trying to make something of the "Spider-Girl" name. Of course when they gave Anya her first ongoing since becoming Spider-Girl it flopped, but what did they expect? When has this type of marketing EVER worked for them? The same thing happened to the female Ghost Rider, Alejandra and the female Wolverine, Laura Kinney.I want Marvel to change  Araña back . Whatever they have to do for her to get her original powers back, they should go for it. Maybe it won't help her get an ongoing series or will it guarantee that ongoing will sell but at the very least it eliminates the # of characters they've created that have been completely ruined.