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Dark Reign Theory

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Ok..I did one for Secret Invasion so I will do one for Dark Reign..this is basically where I explain what I think will happen based on the clues I have been given.
What is Dark Reign?
Considering what is going on right now and what other major events have gone down in the last 6 years It could be one of these choices.

A.The registration act comes in to play again..Secret Invasion is over so now Iron Man & his Mighty Avengers\Initiative still have to enforce the law.According to Dan Slott..something big will be happening with the registration act in Dark Reign.I don't know what it is but I am excited.So it's possible that with the heroes still bickering with each will give the villains the time to strengthen up and try and take over the Marvel Universe.There will be a Dark Illuminati.Maybe they were created for the sole purpose of taking out the biggest heroes in Marvel...leaving everyone else with no directions.

B.The Skrulls win Secret Invasion.As bad as the skrulls are getting owned there is still a chance for them to win.A conversation between skrulls went on where it was said that if Janet was a skrull than they win and in Secret Invasion the end Wasp looked as if she was emitting some type of dark energy  or getting ready to explode.Also there is a cover shown where the Avengers are reaching for her as if something happens to her.So Dark Reign could be the superheroes and earth forced to live under the REIGN of the skrull empire.

What will be the conclusion of Secret Invasion?
Well either the skrulls win or they don't.It's definitely a possibility that they do but I doubt they will.The thing is this event is still missing something..a huge moment,a big bang.Avengers:Dissassembled ended with the death's of several Avengers,House of M ended with the shortening or the mutant population,Civil War ended with Cap's death,so what will SI's big bang be?

A.Well alot of people though Iron Man would die but his comic is so far passed SI and he's still alive.
B.People also though it would be the end of the registration act because the heroes are working together but if you have been reading Iron Man you would know that's not it either.
C.My guess is that something will happen involving Sentry and he will be the difference maker to save them all.Remember we haven't seen him since Secret Invasion #1 when he was scared off my the skrull vision.We saw him come back as what looked like the Void but you never know with the Sentry.

Who is the Evil Illuminati?
A.Well there is a very blury picture of who they are all are so let's start with what we know.
1.The Original Illuminati is Iron Man,Mr.Fantastic,Professor X,Dr.Strange,Namor,Blackbolt,and Black Panther was asked to be a member but he declined.
B.The characters in the Evil Illuminati match up with the people in the original
2.Professor X\Emma Frost
4.The Hood\Dr.Strange
C.That only leaves Iron Man and the last person the picture who we can't make Who could it be?
1.Maybe Norman Osborn? He's a villain who worked under Tony and had to listen to whatever he said,no matter how ridiculous and is good with tech.
2.Ezekiel Stane? Iron Man not only showed him why he's Marvel's tech guy but took of his armor and proceeded to kick his ass.
3.Spymaster? He is one of Iron Man's oldest villains and Iron Man almost killed him twice.
4.Maybe a new Iron Man villain..who knows?

Who are the Dark Avengers?
-There are 5 heroes seeming to be...Iron Man,Ms.Marvel,Hawkeye,Wolverine,& Venom

A.Iron Man
-Well we know from the solicitations that his name is the Iron Patriot
-The artist of the picture is Deodoto Jr.The same artist as the Thunderbolts so they could be Thunderbolts in disguise
-There is a lightning bolt in the background.
-Norman Osborn would be the likely choice considering he is the leader of the the Thunderbolts.He is also good with the use of tech.
-Citizen V who was once the leader of the Thunderbolts is also a likely choice because of his leadership and American orientation.
-Lastly it could be Mach IV.He wears American colors and he has stolen alot of Iron Man's tech and used it so he would be familiar with it.
-Since Ms.Marvel isn't confirmed as a Mighty or New Avenger it could be her.
-Ms.Marvel gave Ultra Girl the costume seen in the picture but her hair was cut shorter to resemble classic Ms.Marvel
-Moonstone has the length of hair for it the right color and she was a Thunderbolt.
-It could be Swordsman because his costume is extremely similar to Hawkeye's and they were both Thunderbolt's.
-It could be Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Maya could have gone back to being Echo.
-Taskmaster has a bow and is using Hawkeye's skills for it that he stole with his reflexes.
-Bullseye is a Thunderbolt and has the marksmanship.
-He looks to either be a tall,slender male or a female.
-He could be Daken because he is the only Wolverine clone with 3 claws in up top but his 3 comes out of his wrist so the placement is off.
-X-23 is his female clone but her 3rd claws are in her feet.
-No Thunderbolts are similar to Wolverine...but Bullseye was in Weapon X..I doubt it's him though.
-We haven't seen Toxin at all and he was supposed to be on the Initiative
-Eddie Brock is Anti-Venom and Gargan is current Venom..who knows what will happen between them.
-Maybe Vincent Gonzales...he hates Spider-Man and it would be epic for him to find out that it's Parker.

What will happen to the Avengers?

Mighty Avengers
-Well the new roster is Iron Man,The Vision,Hercules A Hulk (maybe Rulk or Green Hulk),Hercules,Jocasta,Scarlet Witch and two un-identified characters.
-Dan Slott mentioned wanting to use Wonder Man and Beast in some issues so that leads me to believe Wonder Man won't be on the team again..but where does he go?
-Did Ms.Marvel lose her powers? In her last comic she didn't user her powers at all and she cut here mother off when she asked her if she still had them.
-What about Sentry,Black Widow,and the Wasp? Do they die? Does the Wasp Die? Will they ever find the real Hank Pym & Jessica Drew? I'm guessing Black Widow will being going over to New Avengers because Cap is on the team and she's his ummmm sextoy or girlfriend I guess.So what about Sentry? I can't even begin to imagine what will happen to him.
-The one new member looks lIke Noh-Varr..maybe he will be the new Captain Marvel in Cap's death.