They told you I was inactive? I was here the whole time. Vance Astro sees all.

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Community Star: Vance Astro

Welcome to another exciting week here at the Community Star Awards! Did you miss us? Well, it's only been a week, so you're going to have to learn how to be more patient. Today, we are honoring what I like to call an original viner, since he's been here for quite a few years. On top of that, he recently moved on from regular, everyday user to become a moderator for the site. Please, sit back in your chairs and give a roaring round of applause, which he will not be able to hear, for Vance Astro!

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In the Comic Vine Blog-O-Sphere World, Vance Astro wrote quite a few blogs, in his time here, and I've picked out a few you all may enjoy. Back in May of 2008, Vance Astro wrote his first blog for the site called, "Skrull Theory." It all ties into Marvel's Secret Invasion a few years back. Were Vance's theories correct? Read on to find out!

Last larger blog that Vance wrote was a little over a year ago and it's another great theory piece on who will be on the Avengers and what the Heroic Age will consist of. He also has a list for his ideal members of the Avengers. Check it out in "Astrovik Report: Thoughts on the Avengers."

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Aside from the many, many blogs Vance has written for the site, anyone visited the Daredevil page? Well, Vance Astro has over 41,000 points on that page. Forty-one THOUSAND! The page is incredibly well-written and split into sections. If you need to know anything about Daredevil, it's probably on that page and you can thank Vance Astro for the majority of that work.

We're doing a new thing here on the Community Star. Each week, we'll be interviewing the winner in a hard-hitting Barbara Walters-esque interview. This week, I really take Vance Astro's nose to the grindstone and find out some very interesting and controversial information.

Here we have Vance Astro, the winner of this week's Community Star award. Vance, thank you for being here today. How does it feel to win this award?

InferiorEgo: Hello Vance! It's wonderful having you here today to answer my hard-hitting questions. Now Vance, you've been on this site for quite sometime. How does it feel to win this award?

Vance Astro: I couldn't have done it without my lord and savior, Ororo Monroe. RAINDROPS UNITE!

IE: A Storm fan I see. Very interesting. You've more recently become a moderator of the site. How soon do you predict the power to go to your head?

VA: We'll just pretend it already hasn't.

IE: I better steer away before the banhammer falls squarely upon my lap. You've been on this site for quite sometime. What is your favorite memory from your time here at the Vine?

VA: My favorite memory on the vine would have to be Marvel vs. Capcom 2 avatar week. Me [and] a few people decided to wear them and then it was a trend for like a week and then we switched to something else.

IE: Not only a Community Star winner, but also a trend-setter. Vance, the first .5/5 star book you reviewed was Dark Reign-M.O.D.O.K #1 and that was back in Oct of 2009. Do you still feel that strongly about the book?

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VA: This is by far the worst and most pointless tie-in i've ever read. If Marvel wants to try and make something for the kids..keep it out of Dark Reign.

IE: Well, I guess we'll just have to agree to... um... agree. You are a bit of a Marvel fan, and you have over 40,000 points on the DareDevil page. Is there any other character you know that much about or are you just super-into DD?

VA: I think there are alot of characters that I could have the same amount of points for. I made it my duty to get Daredevil done right though because being my favorite character I didn't like what I was seeing information wise on his page.

IE: It's nice to see that amount of dedication and attention to detail put into that page, and we all thank you for it. Now that you've won the award, what do you plan on doing now?

VA: I'm going to go buy some rims to increase my street cred. Also be on the look out for my fragrance it's called "SLAUGHTERHOUSE".

IE: I always said the way to a woman's heart is through nice rims, as long as they're not spinnin' rims. You have one minute left before the plane you're on explodes... what do you do?

VA: [S]cream the lyrics to the theme from Good Times.

IE: Ain't we lucky we got them? Thanks for your time, Vance!

Give your congrats and cheers to viner Vance Astro for all of his hard work, over the years, on the vine! We'll see you guys next week! Be sure to get your votes in on Tuesdays now! You'll see a voting thread up then!