the source and god

no new 52 things, all are original, not versions created by writers who does not know.

example; the anti life equation.

it was originally a universal force capable of stripping the will out of beings, the ultimate mind control power. writers have made this powerful force into entities (the anti life entity), other forces (in vertigo, the universe ender), and nerfed (only works if the equation is played in an endless loop)

List items

  • the source of all gods existence, the source of all potential cosmic powered superbeings, this is the godwave, created by the source.

  • this is a fraction of the source, often called the dark side of the source. grants the wielder nigh unlimited might and powers such as time manipulation, matter manipulation, and the dreaded omega effect, the beam which can erase beings by will.

  • another fraction of the source, this grants the wielder power to deprive beings of will, the beings are then basically dead, thus called the anti life.

  • the divine will of yahweh.

  • the unlimited power of yahweh.

  • the dark vengeance and wrath of yahweh.

  • the ominous executioner of yahweh, made of divine words.

  • the good mercy of yahweh

  • the bright hope of yahweh

  • the dark side of the presence, tegether they are yahweh, the complete version.