Most Powerful Movie Characters

The title says characters, but objects count too.

List items


    matter manipulation, weather manipulation, energy manipulation, flight, able to bring back the dead, great physical stats, this is really the most powerful character I have ever seen.

  • precognition, cosmic awareness, teleportation, size alteration, flight, immortality, energy blasts...I really do not know whether to put him at no 1 or not.

  • killed many green lanterns, only died when green lantern Hal Jordan tricked him into flying too close to the sun.

  • a planet sized cosmic cloud with the ability to drain energy from planets makes him a god level thread. not much feats.

  • immense strength durability and stamina, enhanced speed, flight, heat vision capable of melting a think steel bar by the time it takes for zod to swing it, x ray, a guy like this looking out for metropolis, I doubt even parallax would think twice before invading.

  • big, as atomic breath. well.....that is it.

  • immense strength and durability to the point of tanking Thor's hammer and swatting it aside with ease and hurting Thor with his punches....he only got beaten when Loki threw a black hole grenade at him.

  • weather manipulation, lightning manipulation through his hammer, great strength, flight, and durability to blunt force...

  • the ability to create by will and imagination...wish I had been chosen

  • great berserker strength

  • yeah, the being made of alien metal armed with a bunch of weapons like his fiery hook and ion (?) cannon

  • can fight the fantastic four at once; as strong as the thing, electricity manipulation, and as durable as the metal made to protect heavy duty spaceships and as smart as reed Richards to boot.

  • mind control, telepathy are great powers to have

  • man is he fast...most possibly the fastest being of them all.

  • was matching Thor blow for blow with Thors mind elsewhere is good enough to up him at 15.

  • the guy who held up the eye of London.

  • the beast that rips open dinosaurs mouths, fights 3 T Rex's with one hand occupied....

  • the accuser. evil overlord who destroyed entire populations.

  • the hellfire wielding vengeance incarnate demon of the night. turned back into the angel of hope when he turned blue. maybe he will be blue if he gets a third movie

  • superhuman physical stats, wall climbing abilities, and the ability to shoot webs to swing from tall buildings makes him an entertaining foe to fight.

  • low superhuman physical stats, and and indestructible arm. and being red, is a gruesomely cool combo.

  • his eye blasts is heat vision in the movies.

  • the living tree who can say a total of four words.

  • the daywalker, described as having all the pros of a vampire and none of the cons. has enhanced strength, speed, and minor superhuman durability and agility. skilled with all weapons, especially his special silver sword.

  • longevity, indestructible skeleton, peak human physical stats, and his signature adamantium claws. he is the most deadly being ever to fight on the side of justice, but in a world with beings that can destroy building as a side effect of their fights, a 21 is a good place.

  • big tough brawler