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  • God of the New 52?

  • a court jester for the king of 5D, killed the king when he took the multispear and mistook the king for Mxy, the power released by both spear and the king destroyed 230 worlds.

  • Pulled a universe out of his hat of entertainment. Good to know they didn't nerf the imps (although the pre 52 imps could do that and more)

  • he has the powers of the emotional spectrum, and with that, he has additional combined light powers, and also, he can manipulate the source, which is the code of the universes.

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  • a nigh omnipresent being who goes to almost dead planets. his writer described him as a cosmically powerful being. could be able to destroy a star system with sideways glance. is extremely old, by far older than brainiac.

  • emotion fueled reality warping.

  • the personification of all death, cut nekron in half. lets hope hes more powerful in the new 52.

  • more powerful than phantom stranger, enslaved six universes.

  • the alien god of evil, his omega beams have destroyed a planet, and is a JL level team buster.

    got his powers by tricking the old gods, then while they were weak he killed and absorbed their powers.

    he is much more powerful than earth gods (Zeus, hades...)

  • inherited his powers from the most powerful older god, now the all powerful ruler of new genesis, able to match darkseid in power.

  • a huge fat Chinese guy who has immense magic powers, able to shift magical balance throughout the universe.

  • ghost of Jim corrigan. god granted him powers and he became the wrath of god with the following abilities: size alternation, superstrength, phasing, energy blasts, time manipulation, telekinesis, teleportation, erasing, and all the standard powers of a ghost.

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  • magic user, powers given to him by the wizard and magical cloak stolen from Jesus. he is able to match spectre in power.

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  • being able to fight 50 lanterns and win is quite a feat. the DC galactus with a similar origin.

  • this time in new 52, they really live up to their name. the oldest beings in the universe. ganthet himself is more powerful than Kyle when he was the master of 6 emotional spectrums.

  • the original vampire, one whom even lucifer is afraid of.

  • lacks feats

  • basically he is a god, with physical stats on par with beings like Martian manhunter, made of living energy, can create incomplete human beings with energy, time travel....

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  • at least what I think. he has matter manipulation, standard kryptonian abilities, and telepathy.

  • avatar of the green.

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  • beat superman, is the atom bomb that destroyed the city in japan. sacr oh yeah, no spoilers. not even now.

  • an archangle with the ability to fire energy blasts, flight, and high durability and strength. relations with lucifer? maybe.

  • beat MMH through sheer godly strength.

  • in new 52, he is about planetary in power which is perfect, because angels shouldn't be more powerful than gods.


    hellfire, portal opening, flight, healing, physical stats similar to etrigan, control over hells demons, summoning demons via portals, empowerment.

  • in skulduggerys world, beings with his power are called Kineticists.

  • best telepath in new 52. about twice as strong as captain marvel, and malleable to boot. is said to be the best person to take down superman.

    powers: super strength speed reaction time durability senses, shape shifting, telepathy, invisibility, Martian vision (heat vision and x ray vision)

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  • beat orion and WW at the same time. badly written though(orion got knocked unconscious by pillars).

  • strong as hell, not to good in the durability department

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  • does not have many appearances, but was shown to be able to revive himself. should be higher, but currently...

  • fought Superman evenly, stomped legions of green lanterns

  • solar powered member of stormwatch, has physical attributes close to superman

  • guardian of the avatar of the red, has superman level physical stats.

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  • powerful, but got torn apart by superman. after beating wonder woman, and giving superman a good fight

  • powerful warrior. fights on par with the entire JLI.

  • the female superman

  • powers:

    lightspeed, light manipulation, made of light.

  • he is basically fear personified being so , and he literally has hosted the fear entity.

  • speed is still powerful.

  • Hal himself.

  • billy the kid was chosen by Shazam the wizard and given the power of the living lightning which gave him the physical power of a demigod and the ability to cast spells.

  • an Egyptian god controlled by mystics.

  • powers:

    flight, energy staff, and energy force field.

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  • in new 52, he's a REALLY cool character, lifted an ocean liner once, and his trident was used to blind darkseid.

  • pretty cool guy who has shown: strength on par with blockbuster, speed capable of keeping up with deathstroke, and many other abilities.

  • enhanced strength, unlimited stamina, flight, teleportation, and a bunch of other abilities. oh, and he's on par with batman when it comes to technology too.

  • the ability to gain a new power every time he dies, effectively immortal.

  • the H dial is one of the most powerful artifacts on earth, or even in the whole universe, and this guy has it.

  • has great potential too.

  • well, he's batman

  • not powerful, but he is an excellent prep master and inventor, his inventions are considered advanced even in the present day DC world, and he lives in medieval times. just think what he can do if he is in current time DC.

  • powerful healing factor coupled with incredible physical stats and skills makes him an even bigger thread than batman in a random encounter.

  • he really is something in new 52.

  • his indestructible golden handcuffs enables him to speak with dead soldiers, and make force fields.

  • the manhattan guardian. one of my favorite guys of all time.