DC & Marvel Top 25 Mot Powerful Items

This is so hard, mainly because there are a LOT of items, but I can just put some in honorable mention.

If I missed any, please feel free to tell me about it

List items

  • None is more powerful than this, an object that gives you the power of all creation. By no means is it omnipotent power (relatively, there are being like TOAA, the actual embodiment of the writers, and PM, the Overmonitor who's power encompasses all creations).

    Even though this is technically an outside force that can be harnessed, a location that can be reached, most people really do not give a

  • An object that gives full control of Creation to the possessor of the Equation.

  • At its most powerful.

    The Materioptikon, one of 3 powerful tools fashioned by Morpheus the Dream Lord himself to help create his realm.

    While in the hands of The Red King, it was used to create and destroy more than 6 and a half billion universes just to make the greedy little man rich through ridiculous means. Manipulation of creation.

    While in the hands of John Dee (vertigo), he used it to drive people crazy and wreck havoc in the dreaming, but when it had most of Morpheus's essence, it was so powerful it could turn dream stuff into reality, effectively manipulating reality.

  • The full Godwave.

    The Wave of power that, in its first pass, created the Gods. When it rebounded, the second wave created the cosmic powers like the Speed Force, the Emotional Spectrum, and Quantum Energy thus it is the second most powerful 'item' on this list behind the HOTU and the Equation.

    Note that Ares and Wonder Woman and even Chronos never had the full GW, only a tiny fraction of it from the earthly gods.

  • This petticoat object may at first SEEM really weak compared to even the claw of Horus or the Starheart, even if you read its description it might make you go meh; it could turn thoughts into reality.

    BUT. This thing actually escapes the confines that comics usually put on their objects; it was used to TURN 52 universes BACK INTO A MULTIVERSE. yeah, your looking pretty shocked right now. This is an object of immense power.

  • One of Marvels creations, this gauntlet, fashioned by Thanos (he just stuck the gems to his own glove with god glue, not available at walmarts near you) gives the wearer nigh complete control over time, space, power, soul, mind, and reality. Less powerful than the Worlogog (in one section at least), but much more versatile.

  • A Map of Time and Space from the Big Bang to Omega Point, if a certain individual manages to get the full worlogog, then he would be able to control Time on ANY scale. Go to the Big Bang and create your own creation? Okay.

  • Grants the reader (constant reader, for the text changes if you use the knowledge to manipulate events) relative omniscience. The text was should to be the exact same thing as the pages of comics, but more information in the words and no pictures. (For example, the narration)

    It is here because of the knowledge, for it grants exactly zero amount of power.

  • The force that gives the flashes their powers.

    Theoretically, if one merges with the speed force (and does not die, that person would be able to access all its power and become nigh omnipresent by pure speed. Time would have no meaning by then.

  • Original Version.

    The equation that, according to by Jack Kirby, could control you, making you more or less an extension of the users mind. "if someone possesses absolute control over you - you're not really alive" thus called the Anti life Equation.

    In later comics, writers have turned it into an actual equation that gives you the mathematical certainty that life was not worth living.

  • The final gift of one of the powerful monitors, the TR was bigger than 52 universes, and can adapt to almost anything.

  • An object that is like the embodiment of destruction; the power unleashed could wipe out entire universes, but because of versatility issues, it is at number 10.

  • The property of the New God Metron, the chair can easily travel through time and space by either flight or teleportation, create force fields, holograms and illusions, and has a tractor beam powerful enough to pull planets.


    Because there is no page that describes his guns.

    The colt revolvers:

    The Angel of Death melted down his sword, and the Devil fashioned it into a pair of Colts which never misses and always kills its target. Exceptions like Cassidy and genesis were later confirmed by Garth E to be false.

  • DC

    The spear that pierced the side of Jesus C, was infused with unimaginable power, able to slay or wound the likes of the spectre.

    Low of range and variety even though the power contained is greater than that of the UN.

  • In the MCU, it is called a tesseract but the power levels are dramatically different.

    This object grants the user Reality warping powers enough to warp planets as easily as making tiny little play dough mountains.

  • Blades that can cut superman to ribbons and kill reality warpers.

  • The well of knowledge which resides in the realm of Death, the real deal, not hel or hades, but one of the four alongside Eternity Infinity and Oblivion. Another knowledge thing; it is like the ultimate search engine


    The force that is a fraction of the source, which gives PC darkseid ALL his powers including but not limited to cosmic power manipulation, time matter energy manipulation, immense physical stats, and the omega beams.

  • A casket that could make it snow in hell, and would make the perfect wedding gift for Cap Cold.

  • A stone that gives the user limited reality warping powers (ask cosmicaware1)

  • The Helm of Nabu, it houses its own universe. Whoever wears it gets Vast magical abilities.

  • Famous little thing, everyone knows what it can do.

  • As famous as the ring, but even more so.