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@mysticmedivh: Well, my post did not try to prevent you from doing that yes? It was merely an observation

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@thor_parker82: It's already done, but you can vote anytime, it's gonna be open forever. Tomorrow I'm going over to

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@mysticmedivh: Huh. Doesn't matter; a debater can claim anything if the opposition can't refute it. Truth of the matter is, I didn't read his posts...

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@jardinain2: Eh, I ain't growing up, I'm just switching to pro wrestling or some other ventures. Bodybuilding, maybe. Still sucks to lose, but I can easily see why, I used to do two posts just for a turn, one to counter and the other to present my argument now I got so bored I didn't even try to counter anything. Looking back, the 'no scans' argument is really annoying.

But hey, least I lost to you. The embarrassing thing would be to lose to a newbie who has next to no knowledge of anything but through sheer heart gathered everything and then beat me using a vastly inferior character. That's really double the pain.

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Well Jar obviously won this one. My heart isn't in this anymore, seeing as comics don't bring me the joy it used to. Hell, I've stopped making lists and started blogs. Maybe I should move on from this and go to Sherdog or Wrestlingforum., feels kinda like Lesnar, going out on a loss lol.

Anyways, @jardinain2:, you're definitely a quality debater, not to take anything away from this victory; you would be a challenge on the best of days man, good job man

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Those concepts are too powerful, even without Pride and Wrath it seems like they can wear team 7 down.

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@all-father: I'll get to you soon, that checking will take up more time than this. @jardinain2: Now, for the third and final post.

I think I have had enough of the small fry. Dealing with Spectres, destroying Creations....

Okay, I remember my other CaVs. Lucifer agains the Beyonder, Black Lightning against Cole...Those took a while. Why? Because the characters being used were around equal power (or in the case of Lucifer, a diverse range of skills that made up for his lack of power). I think three posts are enough here. One intro, one post to ease into Michael's full power, then Michael Demiurgos's full power. If new information were to arrive, then maybe. Now, let me show you, the majestic and devastating power of the most powerful being in the DC Universe.

Third Post;

Let me first sum up the arguments and feats that Jar has shown. Note that everything I will list here are the things that he has actually used scans and proof to back up:

  • A wielder of the Gauntlet is so powerful that Eternity itself is insignificant to him. (This is not a feat, but impressive enough to count as one for me).
  • So not only is Eternity capable of doing what Michael did (without having to die and release his Demiurgic power like when Lucifer struck him in the void thingy) but Genis-Vell couldn't even kill Eternity until He wanted to die, this speaks volumes about Eternity's power and most impotently durability. But the IG is easily capable of dealing with a blast of the same power.
  • So an incomplete IG (missing the reality gem iirc) was able to redirect a multiversal+ blast, What is Michael going to do to even harm him?
  • Only the Current IG has that problem, besides that the Classic IG was able to function outside its own universe (a misnomer many people believe). so taking it out wont help you, considering you would have to worry about the Reality gem stopping you, or the fact that you wont live long enough to do so. OPS. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HERE. NO SCANS TO PROVE ANYTHING YOU JUST CLAIMED.
  • Not only that, The Gauntlet Turned Doom into some kind of Metal for a brief minute and tank a blast From GOD DOOM...

    Why is that impressive? God Doom had the power of the Beyonder's in him, and those guys completely and utterly casually stomped all of Marvel, even Abstracts like Oblivion and Living Tribunal, the latter being vastly above Multiversal. FORGETING THE FACT THAT THE BEYONDERS WANTED TO DESTROY MARVEL CREATION. IF THEY WERE SO POWERFUL IN THAT ARC, WHY NOT JUST DO IT? GOD DOOM IS NOT AS POWERFUL AS SOME PEOPLE CLAIM HE IS SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THAT ONE LITTLE ERROR IN WRITING.

Right, cool stuff.

One misconception people has, is what the Creation busting attack actually is. First of all, it was not his most powerful feat. It was his most impressive feat because wow, that's powerful and big! Nope. Second, remember this, a blast 'capable' of destroying creation does not mean a blast 'only being able to' destroy creation. There are beings who deal in destroying Creations, then there are beings who destroy the Creation makers. THAT, is the other level.

Let me list what Michael's best feats are:

  • Preventing Creation from being erased.

This is one of the best feats. While Yahweh was off enjoying himself in other Creations or doing whatever, his creation was fading. His presence was the only thing holding everything together and without it, everything inside the creation was just fading away. This process takes weeks, and has several stages. The first stage is where creativity and emotions like love fade away. The second stage is where will and souls begin to break and fade. And speaking of souls.

No Caption Provided

This is Lucifer creating a soul for a demon. The demons and angels alike do not possess souls. Nor do gods like Darkseid or Zeus. Now, back to the point.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
the stages

This is a very annoying problem, so Michael went and fixed it (not accounting for Fenris).

No Caption Provided

He was renewing everything in Creation. Energy, matter, time, souls, will, emotions...all on a multiversal level. This is his sheer power. How can he so something like that? Because...

No Caption Provided

he is Michael, the chosen one who bears the fundamental power, named the Demiruge. A being so powerful he can one shot not just creation, but Lucifer (tanking creation busting shots like nothing. No need to even deflect anything. Unfortunately, that was an uncontrolled detonation. This means if Michael were to create a blast by himself and focus it, he could spare Creation but 'kill' Lucifer, the being who tanks creation destroying attacks then makes another creation in the next moment key word tank), Trigon, Satanus, Neron, Asmodeus, Shathan....Not even their combined power could stop a gesture from Michael.

To put that into perspective, Shathan is a minor lord of hell, and Azmodeus is his servant, an even minor lord of hell and he was able to fight Spectre evenly, before getting distracted.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

And the Spectre can easily recreate the universe

No Caption Provided

and amped by a few earthly sorcerers, a 5th D being that is weaker than an imp, and the Stranger, he was able to fight the Anti Monitor amped by the multiverse, and almost every hero on earth.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Yep. To recap this, Michael can one shot Lucifer and all of hell, one the minor hell lords can fight with Spectre who can easily recreate a universe and with just a few amps from magic users, fight a being amped by literally everything else.

Another of his greatest feats is tanking Lucifers Lightbringer flames. Does not sound all that impressive right? Well...

Lucifer Morningstar. His divine will is only part of the gift God gave him. The real gift is his name Lightbringer, Morningstar. Lucifer's flames are the major part of why he is so powerful. Those flames were used to ignite suns back 20 or more billion years ago. Those flames have destroyed pages from the Book of Destiny, a multiversal book holding everything and reads like a comic with description in place of pictures.

No Caption Provided

But that is normal in fights such as this. What is not normal is how Lucifer can one shot the Words of God but Michael can come out with mere scratches.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

The Logos is the eternal words God as spoken. The first word (presumably let) came alive and because the Hooded Man, The Word. The Word is the executioner of God, more like LT than Spectre is because while Spectre is like the Ghost Rider because both bring vengeance, Word's job is to maintain balance. The Words of God has birthed Creation, and Michael constantly goes to it to seek help. Different from the Presence, it is another aspect of God but was destroyed easily by Lucifer. This being is beyond LT and most definitely out of the IG's league.

In conclusion, this is a being who can one shot Lucifer, someone who tanks creation busting attacks instead of defending himself. No matter how you look at it, the IG can never hope to even touch Lucifer, so Michael is most definitely out of it's league. I wonder if you can even prove the IG is on Michael's radar, much less his level. Truthfully, I do not see the need to even use the Demiurgic power. This has been fun, but not very challenging. You are a formidable opponent, but you are simply outclassed not by me, but by the fact you are using the IG against the most powerful being in DC.

Your turn, and after you finish, we can open for voting. Nuff said from me.

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@jardinain2: Got it. I will need some time though, it's two three weeks until the end of the semester and there's a lot of work.

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@jardinain2: It's only on Amazon (I think), but I'm sure you can find a place on the web to 'buy' it.