My Top 5 Favorite Tokyo Ghoul Characters!

This is a bit random, as well as more for me than anything else, but I'll be listing my top five favorite characters from the absolutely phenomenal Tokyo Ghoul franchise.

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  • Arima is complex beyond words, and is so great in every way in terms of purpose and meaning as a character. In short, if the author of a manga can make me shed tears for a character with limited appearances and who has repeatedly attempted to murder my other favorite characters, they've done a great job.

  • Similarly to Arima, Eto is strongly rooted in the duality of the franchise as a whole, and presents a level of complexity that is simply baffling. It was she who orchestrated some of the most horridly disturbing events throughout the story, but her broken, sad personality and terrible circumstances from her very birth paint a picture that is much more than your average villain.

  • While he was out of the picture for most of the story (and presumed dead for even more of it), Hide holds a special place in my heart due to his role as the voice of reason and conscience of sorts for the protagonist. In one particular moment that I won't spoil on account of how incredible it is for first-time readers (chapter seventy-five of :re, if you're curious), he completely and wholeheartedly won me over.

  • It would be weird if the protagonist weren't on here, wouldn't it? Ken has grown so much since we first met him as a bumbling teenager way back in chapter one of the original manga, and all of the twisted things he's had to endure have gradually shaped him into a character that feels real. I can admit that his decisions at times are downright stupid, but they're what makes him such a relatable and, ironically enough, human protagonist.

  • Suzuya is very similar to Kaneki in the way of enduring tragedies and rising above to protect what he holds dear. I referenced it earlier when I was speaking of Eto, but the duality of the franchise is immense and constantly present, especially with Suzuya. In his life, he has went through all of the same horrors as Kaneki, but in reverse, making for an incredibly interesting character.