TMNT, and introduction


I'm sure anybody that cares has seen this trailer already, but I just wanted to say I'm VERY pumped about this movie. I've been a fan of TMNT ever since I was a wee lad, and I can't wait to be able to see this on the big screen again after all these years! Though it isn't exactly as cool as the goofy live-action-stunt-men-in-rubber-turtle-suits,

it's still makes me think back to all the days I spent glued to the TV or playing with my sewer playset and turtle trolls and turtle pizza throwers and jumbo turtles and... you get the idea.

I guess I went in to a rant without even saying, I've been on this site for almost 2 hours now, and I think it is amazing! I've just been running around the pages like a little kid in a toy store!

well, I'm off to watch LotR and read some old TMNT comics.