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CVbU Team Location: The Old Carrier

Welcome to the Home of the Magistars, the first of the new order of hero teams to arise from the cold ashes of Korea. Many years ago STRIKE had changed its fleet, replacing its aging Helicarrier with a new model of ship built for an entirely different purpose. The old carrier was sunk to the bottom of the ocean...never to be seen again...

Until a man by the name of William Merran approached Vai, Green Lantern and daughter of Gale Xanders. He presented to her the idea of forming a team and the young and eager Vai determined the best base might just be an old one. Getting together with some rich and powerful friends of hers she arranged for the carrier to be lifted from the sea and taken to the Newport News Shipyards where it had first been constructed. There the fledgling team bonded over the resurrection of this mighty ship as they worked side by side to restore it to its former glory.

New technology was installed and years worth of corrosion and sea water damage repaired. The ship has risen again...

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Constructed during a time when the world's heroes often did battle against super villains in massed conflicts, the Helicarrier's structure was designed to survive some of the most brutal combat imaginable. This structure has been fully restored and reinforced. The spine of the carrier is a composite Steel-Vibranium alloy and its ribs are composed of Vibranium laced with Nth Metal. The outer hull plating is also coated in Nth Metal to defend the ship against magical attacks, while the armor plates themselves are composed of a modern alloy that falls just short of the durability of the much more expensive Vibranium. To compensate for the lesser armor the ship's armored plating has been applied in two layers with a thin mesh between the two capable of absorbing and redirecting energy attacks to a limited degree.

The ship's original anti-teleportation and anti-vortex manipulation technology has been restored. Most of the ship's weapons have been automated and the central computer core replaced with a fully modernized version capable of mostly controlling the craft on its own, thus allowing the small team to operate the very large ship without the need of an immense staff such as the one once employed by STRIKE. The advanced hard light holographic communication system has received an overhaul but continues to function and remains one of the few examples in the world. In addition to this, the full training gym has been completely restored to original specifications.